Comparing Hot Water or Cold Water Bath

A bath is a process of cleaning the body using water and soap. But the question in the minds of many people is which type of bath is better, is it using hot water or cold water? If you are also confused about whether to take a hot or cold water bath, here is everything you need to know from the article

Are you stuck between choosing hot water or a cold water bath? Let’s discuss separately the benefits of hot water baths as well as cold water baths. While each type of bath has its benefits to offer, what one should choose depends on age, current weather, habits depend on various factors like age, history of illness etc. For some, the better feeling would get when they go for a hot water bath, especially when they are tired and want to relax. But, if you want to take a bath quickly, you might go for a cold water bath. Continue reading to understand the benefits of both hot and cold water baths.

Benefits of Cold Water Bath: Benefits of Cold Water Bath

  • The cold water bath is best immediately after a workout as it reduces inflammation and muscle fatigue.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects of cold water helps to reduce itching if you have a sensitive skin
  • The cold water bath helps boost your immune system and supports build-up resilience.
  • Taking a cold shower stimulates the nerve endings and gives you a kickstart in the morning. It also helps to get rid of laziness.
  • It also releases anti-depressant chemicals like beta-endorphins and thus helps you to treat depression.
  • Studies have shown that taking a cold shower improves reproductive health in men by stimulating the secretion of testosterone.
  • It may also help improve lung function.
  • Taking a cold shower stimulates the body’s lymphatic and immune systems, which in turn boosts the production of infection-fighting cells.
  • Cold water bath circulates blood faster to maintain ideal body temperature. It, in turn, reduces the risk of several heart-related issues.
  • It helps in reducing your weight. So, those who intend to lose weight should opt for a cold water bath instead of hot water.
  • Not only for the body but cold water bath also helps your hair quality

Benefits of Hot Water Bath:Benefits of Hot Water Bath

  • Immersing legs in hot water for 45 minutes and taking a hot water bath relaxes muscles
  • As per the research, taking a hot water bath gives you sound sleep
  • Hot temperature kills more germs. That’s why bathing with hot water cleanses the body.
  • Studies show that taking a hot bath improves muscle flexibility and helps to relax sore muscles.
  • Bathing with hot water reduces the level of sugar in the body, which reduces the risk of diabetes in your body.
  • It is also beneficial for treating coughs and colds as the steam helps clear the airways and decongest your throat and nose. It helps in removing the stuffy nose and clears throat infections and respiratory problems
  • Hot water bath opens the skin’s pores and helps clean the body’s dirt easily. However, it is advised to use a moisturizer immediately after a hot water bath.

Which is Better – Hot Water Bath or Cold Water Bath?

As we have gone through the benefits of hot and cold water separately,, which one to choose depends on certain factors individually. Ayurveda gives these suggestions.

1. Based on Age:

Young people are advised to take a bath with cold water. Older people and youth are advised to take a bath with hot water. But if you are a student and dedicated to spending more time on studies, then taking a cold water bath will benefit you.

2. Based on your body type:

If your body type is pitta (excess generation of heat and body), it is better to use cold water for a bath, and if your body type is sensitive, then use warm water.

3. Based on diseases:

If you are suffering from any disease connected to pitta, such as indigestion or liver disorder, then taking a cold water bath will be very beneficial for your health. And if you suffer from kapha-related disorders, it is better to take a hot water bath.

If you are a patient with epilepsy, it is not recommended to take a bath with hot and cold water. Instead, take a bath with lukewarm water.

4. Based on your habits:

If you exercise regularly, it is recommended to take a hot water bath.

5. Depending on what time you shower:

If you take a bath in the morning, it is good to take a bath with cold water. But if you are taking a bath at night, then a warm bath will make you feel comfortable. Since there is a chance of health effects in the evening, taking a warm bath will be beneficial. You can put some neem leaves in water and leave it for some time. Then take a bath with this water. It will improve the health of your skin.


Cold and Hot baths have their advantages: While cold water helps stimulate your nerve endings, setting you up for a fresh start to the day, a warm bath helps to relax and ease sore muscles. So, we suggest you decide on your own depending on your priority and your health conditions. While hot water bath or cold water bath may be your personal choice, the above discussion will help you make an informed choice as per your requirement and skin type. Age, season, habits, and standard bath time all play an essential role in what you want to stick with.

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