Certain techniques as well as the combination of different methods are crucial. Here you will get introduced to some of them. Decide for yourself what works best for you and then get started on enjoying 22bet.com.

Many people are already familiar with the dilemma: To lose fat specifically on a certain part of the body is almost impossible, because where you lose weight first and last, is individually different. Especially the fat on the belly seems to be particularly stubborn for many. 


1. Peripheral cardio training

One of the first methods to lose fat faster and at best also belly fat is the so-called “peripheral cardiac action training”. This involves alternating exercises for the upper and lower body without sacrificing the amount of weights lifted. Peripheral cardio action training is similar to regular circuit training, alternating from one exercise to the next with minimal to no rest in between.

The best way to apply this training method is to combine one movement for the upper body and one for the lower body in one set. Combining two exercises that use opposing muscles, such as squats and hamstrings (hamstrings) or biceps and triceps, is also ideal. For example, a set of bench presses can be followed by a set of squats – only then rest. This increases heart rate and breathing and burns more calories. You won’t get weaker, but you can burn a lot more calories and accomplish a lot more in a shorter amount of time. The short set breaks also create a great afterburn effect, so fat burning remains active for many hours after you finish the workout plan.

2. Cardio acceleration training

In order to lose belly fat faster, the so-called cardio-acceleration training also cavorts. Here, two training methods are combined by performing a strength exercise in such a way that it trains endurance at the same time. For example, you can perform a barbell squat with a heavy weight for about one minute, only followed by a short rest. Repeat this three to six times. However, caution is advised here, because a lot can be done wrong with squats already without a dumbbell.

3. Multi-joint training

The best methods to burn more calories and lose belly fat are those that use many different muscles and areas of the body, such as “multi-joint exercises”. These involve moving two or more joints, such as squats (joints involved: ankle joint, knee joint, hip joint) and the push-up (wrist joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint). In strength training on machines, however, most machines allow only single-joint exercises (e.g. leg extension or abduction machine). Therefore, in the gym it makes sense to focus directly on the limited number of multi-joint machines (leg press, chest press, lat pull, rowing, shoulder press).

The deadlift is also an excellent example of this training method, which is used to boost fat burning tremendously. However, other exercises can be added here and combined to make the movements an even more “cross-joint” workout. For example, you can lift a regular barbell and combine a burpee and push-ups after lowering to it. Other ideas from Posternak include barbell squats and overhead press or lunges with side raises.

4. Drop set training

This method is an advanced resistance training technique that involves performing a set to exhaustion – that is, to the point of being unable to perform another repetition. You then reduce the load by ten to 30 percent and then repeat the set. However, little or no rest is taken between sets. The goal is to maximize potential muscle gain.