is to check the 2021 Padang City Middle School PPDB Selection Results. It is the official link http //psb of Padang City Education Bureau for registration.

About Padang

It is the capital city of West Sumatra, and has become the largest city on the west coast of the island of Sumatra. During the Dutch colonial era, Padang was one of the main cities of Sumatra, along with Medan, Batam, Palembang, and Pekanbaru. It has received Adipura Award 17 times and Adipura Kencana 3 times as the cleanest and greenest city in Indonesia, which makes Padang elevate its quality in everything.

Padang is the gateway to the highlands of Minang. With the largest port on the west coast of Sumatra, it is a trading town that attracts ships that trade goods such as rubber, cinnamon, coffee, tea, cement, and coal.

The Batang Arau River runs through the city, and it’s quite a sight to see the collection of small boats and rowing ferries that line the bank. The city of Padang is the center of the economy, with the highest per capita income in West Sumatra. Additionally, the city has become a center of education and health in the central region of Sumatra, supported by several universities and health centers.

http //psb, Padang in the Field of EducationAbout http __psb

The Indonesian government has undertaken various efforts in the field of education, such as improving legislation, curricular update, budget increase, and improving and completing the facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of educators and educational personnel and improve the quality of educational management.

http //psb, Learning Outcomes and Needs of Students at Padang

Students’ attitudes, interests, and motivations influence mathematics learning outcomes. The research aims to describe student characteristics, learning outcomes, and geometric media tools in Padang High School with a qualitative approach, with the questionnaire, the test, the observation, and the interview. The result shows that the student’s attitude, interest, and motivation to learn are well classified.

http //psb, The Interests of University Studentshttp //psb students

This quantitative descriptive research aims to reveal how the factors affect the interests of high school students (SMP) in the North Padang district in choosing the high school vocational (SMK). And also, whether there is a difference in the interest in selecting vocational education among students from private and public schools in the North Padang district. The research population consisted of IX-grade students from universities in the North Padang district in 2014-2015. The samples used the proportional random sampling technique with a sample size of 208 students. The results showed that the internal factors that affect the interest of secondary school students to opt for vocational training amounted to 65.55% with a suitable category, while the external factor to 57.35% with a minor/invalid type.

Padang City College Enrollment 2022 Phase II – http //psb

Registration for the admission of new students (PPDB) in 2022 for high school in Padang city is still open.

Currently, PPDB SMP City Padang has entered Phase II of online registration. Enrollment in the PPDB SMP Phase II is specifically for those enrolled in the Affirmation Track, Parent/Guardian Transfer, and Achievement Track.

According to the Padang Disdikbud circular dated May 17, 2021, there are three registration routes for PPDB high school in Padang city 2021. At the end of June 2021, registration opens through the zoning registration line from June 21. 28, 2021 and announced on June 30, 2021.

The new Padang City 2021 PPDB registration will take place on July 1-2, 2021. So what is the link http //psb Check the announcement of the results of the selection.

The correct link is to check the PPDB high school selection results announcement for 2021.

Padang City Education and Culture Bureau opened a post to complain about accepting new students (PPDB) for primary and secondary schools in 2022. UPTD Dapodik IT Disdikbud Padang Head of IT Tressy Yulinda said that this publication is to help parents of students who have encountered problems during their registration.

This booth is in the Padang Education and Culture Office’s courtyard in the Ulak Karang Complex, Bung Hatta University (UBH), Padang City. “If there is any difficulty, we also provide a PPDB post at the Office of Education and Culture in Padang.

Conclusion: http //psb, PPDB Complaint Posting

  • Padang Disdikbud also opened an online PPDB claim post for SMP 2022 via Padang Disdikbud social media. In addition, you can also file complaints by using the number 082350232165.
  • Padang City launched the PPDB for primary and secondary levels on Thursday (06/16/2022).
  • Fitri said that the acceptance would last later, until June 21, 2022. “Our online PPDB started today for SD Phase I (one). So please register your child by accessing the website Then please register and announce the results and register again on the site web,” Padang City Education Bureau Secretary Nur Fitri said.
  • Meanwhile, for the first secondary school stage, the new PPDB zoning route will start on June 20, 2022, until June 23, 2022. So far, the capacity of PPDB for the primary level is 13,085 students. . This is more than the last term of 2021 of 10,351 students.
  • The number of public primary schools in Padang City has reached 338 schools. There are currently 43 high schools with a capacity of around 9,000 students. Meanwhile, there are 15,000 high school graduates. “For our public elementary schools, we have a lot. For middle schools, there must be additions,” Nur said.
  • The Padang City Education Bureau will continue to try to increase the number of secondary schools in the future. This year there is the construction of a college, SMP 43 Dadok Tunggul Hitam. The structure uses a budget of Rp 10 billion.

Review http //psb – Check PPDB Results.

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