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Is Blocked?


What is

Who does not know about YouTube these days? Even a two-year kid is familiar with YouTube and able to watch his favorite cartoons or rhymes. YouTube is a superior video-sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their videos. The video service is accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The person who uploaded the video was also expecting the same return and popularity, but for some reason, it was blocked by youTube.

Karim created the first channel on YouTube, “jawed”, on April 23, 2005, PDT (April 24, 2005, UTC), and uploaded the website’s first video, “Me at the zoo”, the same day. Here, we can upload many categories like entertainment, education, jobs, tutorials, music, marketing, work from home; cooking shows etc. There is no end to it. You can upload anything; however, you need to follow specific rules set up by YouTube Channel. In this article, we will know why youTube blocks explicit videos like and if we can unblock them. We shall also learn about more such videos that got blocked.

What are the benefits of doing YouTube?

5 Key Benefits of Having and Maintaining a YouTube channel

So, to get the same benefit, was created on youtube. However, we are unable to access the same now.

Why is Blocked?

Is it something serious when a video on YouTube gets blocked?

Can We Unblock

In regular videos, if it gets blocked, you can try one or all of the following:

But, as per the comments by different people, got blocked due to spreading hate and violence among people. There are also many such videos that got blocked due to similar reasons that are listed below. So, we prefer it’s always better to stop them so that there is peace all around.

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