Many websites do not stay for long. They come and go. Their Alexa ranking is low, making us think it’s a scam. Although we rate as a medium to low risk, we cannot guarantee it is not a fake website scam. You should always manually verify the website to determine if it is legit and safe. – How to check a scam?

Scammers make all sorts of claims to trick victims online, from fake investment opportunities to online stores. The Internet allows them to operate from anywhere in the world with anonymity. The ability to spot online scams is an essential skill as the virtual world increasingly becomes a part of every facet of our lives. The following tips will help you identify the signs that a website might be a scam.

Common Sense: Too Good to Be True When researching products online, a lot can be very tempting.

A Gucci bag or a new iPhone at half price?

Who wouldn’t want to agree to such an agreement?

Scammers also know this and try to take advantage of it. If an online offer seems too good to be true, double-check. The easiest way to do this is to review the same product on competing (trusted) websites. If the price difference is vast, it might be best to check out the rest of the website. Check Out Social Media Links Social media is a central part of e-commerce businesses, and consumers often expect online stores to have a social media presence. Scammers know this and often embed social media site logos on their websites.

About’s traffic volume is 86 unique daily visitors and 86 page views. The web value rate of is 0 USD. Each visitor makes about 1.07 page views on average.

According to Alexa traffic estimates, was placed at position 341,677 worldwide.’s server is located in Vietnam, so we cannot identify which countries the traffic is coming from and whether the distance may affect page load time. is registered under the.COM top-level domain. Check out other websites in the.COM zone.

The latest verification results, conducted on (January 29, 2022), show that has an expired SSL certificate issued by cPanel, Inc. (expired on February 13, 2022). Click the “Update” button in the Security Information section for the SSL information. See the list of websites that use SSL certificates issued by cPanel, Inc.

According to Symantec, is a reasonably safe domain. Valuation

We see that the website owner is using a service to hide their identity. It may be because the owner does not want to receive spam. However, it is also challenging to identify the valid owner of the website. As a result, websites that conceal their identity score slightly lower. Online store analysis

According to Tranco, this site has a low Tranco rank. It means that the number of visitors to this website is relatively low. You can expect this from a small website, a startup, or a niche. However, a popular website should have a higher Alexa ranking.

We discovered that other suspicious sites are hosted on the same server as the website. Therefore, we lowered the review of You can see which websites by checking the server tab at the bottom of this page for more information. Other suspicious websites are websites with a low trust score that may be online scams or sell counterfeit products. Fraudsters often use the same server to host multiple websites simultaneously.

The domain was recently registered. We recommend that you be careful when buying or using the services of a very recent website. You can consult our blog: “How to recognize a scam.” Scammers’ websites often only last a few months before going offline. An old website does not guarantee that the site is secure. Some scam sites are even years old. However, most scam sites are taken down after a few months as the number of consumer complaints increases and the hosting company grows tired of the many emails and phone calls. Technical Analysis

A valid SSL certificate was found. Professional companies use an SSL certificate to encrypt your computer and their website. However, there are different levels of certification, and scammers also install a free SSL certificate. If you need to enter your data, never do so without checking whether an SSL certificate protects your information

Why does have a Reasonable Trust Score?

We believe that is legit because we found a few indicators that could indicate a scam. The review of resulted in a trust rating of 72. This rating has been awarded by an algorithm based on public sources such as WHOIS, server IP address, business location, and whether the website has been reported as spam and phishing lists.

Positive Highlights

  • The SSL certificate is valid (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • This website is safe, according to DNSFilter.
  • This website does not contain phishing or malware, according to Flashstart.

Negative Highlights

  • The website owner uses a service to hide their identity in WHOIS
  • According to Tranco, this site has a low Alexa ranking
  • Lots of suspicious websites on this server
  • This site is (very) young.

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Final Verdict

In an ultra-connected era where digital presence is paramount, the Internet serves as a gateway for cybercriminals. As a result, online fraud appears to be ubiquitous, with approximately 18,000 fraudulent websites created daily.

Scammers also use email services provided by Google and Yahoo to appear trustworthy, so you must know what to look for when dealing with a scam.

How to check if a website is legit?

Follow these seven easy steps:

  • Check URL
  • Check the trust seal
  • Make sure your connection is secure
  • Filter content
  • Find out who owns the web domain
  • Use Google’s Safe Browsing Transparency Tool
  • Look at the reviews

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