Legion of Skanks Reddit: Laughing can seal the deal. Who does not want to laugh and be happy? So here is the hilarious team for you. Keep reading to get complete information. Researchers have found that men are likelier to be the funniest people, and women are likelier to appreciate a good sense of humour.

GAS Digital Networks records NYC every Monday at 9 pm EST. The comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith gather to discuss all the filthy things and viral news of the week to make it hilarious. You can enjoy all episodes here with HD video and live chat.

Legion of Skanks Reddit Introduction

Legion of Shanks

Reddit is a social website where content gets promoted by members of the site through voting. Registered users submit content here through links, videos etc. The website has discussion forums like “Ask me Anything” or “I read it”.

The Podcast Party, the most Offensive Podcast on Earth, the Popular Legion of Skanks, the standup comedians and the best friends in real life are Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith. The way they discuss anything and everything in a hilarious way make them popular. Oakerson took a startup in the year 2020 with his fellow comedians.

As per Joe Rogan’s Experience on Legion of Skanks, The quickness of Big Jay will always impress him; he is a professional comedian. Here, you can find the comments posted by several viewers, which are truly interesting. Check several comments here about

Legion of Skanks TwitterLegion of Skanks Twitter

As Legion of Skanks holds considerable sway in comedy, Twitter plays an important role in covering the funny news in Newyork. You can find them live here, with lots of videos and comments from the members. Subscribe to watch full episodes and be a part of the gathering. The video quality is at the top, and you also find several promo codes here for a free trial. After watching, you can comment and reply with pictures showing your comments on the posts.

Legion of Skanks DiscordLegion of Skanks Discord

Millions of users use Discord to share voice, make videos, and text chat with friends and developers. These users made this free communication app very popular. You can check the Legion of Shanks on Discard and meet many members enjoying free voice and text chat. Legion of Skanks Discord is the most popular, more extreme server than Racist Live Chat! It has features like a slavery mod, nudes, and leaks of your favourite content.

Legion of Skanks Youtube

Youtube is a free video-sharing platform that makes it easy to watch online videos and create videos to share with others. The purpose of youtube is to give a chance to the public to watch, like, share, comment and upload their videos. You will find several Legion of Skanks episodes on Youtube, like Rush the stage, The five-second challenge, God Damn, A twelve-year-old man, H Foley’s Music video etc. Subscribe to videos on Youtube

Legion of Skanks the Waitress

The below clip from Episode 446 shows Legion Of Skanks with Shane Gillis joining Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez, and Dave Smith, where a very drunk Luis does a headstand for the love of the waitress. After continuously re-watching the old seasons and trying to catch up, I figured out the waitress’s name. It might be my guess or a total long shot. And maybe it was already discussed in the Reddit subreddit discussion. At the end of season 7, there was a talk about a waitress. Alexandra Scarlato (@iamalexscar) is the waitress of Legion of Skanks in Instagram photos and videos.

Legion of Skanks Fans Reddit

For many, Skanks is Great! People who are fond of humour enjoy a legion of skanks. For some, Joe is actively trying to get rid of his issues. Luis always makes fun of himself by creating drama to distract the viewers. For the closing ceremonies of the 2021 Winter Olympics, comedians Chrissie Mayr and Dave Temple are joined by Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith.

The trainees perform the 101 Sandwich Dash while the guys chat about bare-knuckle boxing, the Super Bowl halftime show, the Amy Schumer mayonnaise commercial, and more! Additionally, the trainees skate to explain the racial side of the podcast to Dave Temple, and a potential winner receives their trophy. You can find all this and more, only on the most offensive podcast on the planet, THE LEGION OF SKANKS!!!


People fond of comedy talks spend some time watching Legion of Skanks, and it is sometimes a little brutal, and hence it’s not for everyone.

Legion of Skanks is available at PodcastMerch.com/LOS! At this platform, watch Legion of Skanks LIVE for FREE every Monday & Friday at 8:00 pm EST at GaSDigitalNetwork.com/live.

The next step would be sign up to GaSDigitalNetwork.com with promo code LOS.  Receive a 14-day FREE TRIAL with access to the entire catalogue of episodes! It also includes 350 video episodes and around 500 audio episodes that have been recorded!

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