Pouring Money into the Underdog Mercenaries is all about the novel a story focusing on Management and Strategy. The story tells about how the elite military group saves the life of Ji-Hyun. As per novel reviewers, it is about a mercenary lifestyle, finance, everyday life, and many battles.

Summary of Pouring Money into the Underdog MercenariesSummary of Pouring Money into the Underdog Mercenaries

The story is behind a snowstorm where Lee Ji-Hyun, was lost and rescued. There were questions behind everyone’s minds:

  • Did the most elite military group, the Nio Mercenaries, led by the strongest warrior Valdemar, save Ji-Hyun?
  • Ji-Hyun decides to sell them her abilities to survive. “Don’t you need one management mentor?”
  • Can Ji-Hyun find a way to save the Nio mercenaries and return home safely?

The update is an ongoing process where you will learn about this story. Read zinmanhwa to read all 13 chapters of Pouring Money into the Underdog Mercenaries.


Rank:                                   4216 with 1.2K monthly / 51.3K total views.

Authors:                              Chika (치카)

Artists:                                Chika (치카)

Genres:                               Manhwa, Shoujo(G), Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

Original language:            Korean

Translated language:       English

Read direction:                 Top to Bottom

Original work:                   Ongoing

Year of Release:               2021


Its historical series and English chapters are getting updated frequently and translated into Manga / Manhwa / Manhua in (English/Raw) language. The fastest updated comic site is

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