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Searching a relevant job online is a great task. Search for out-sourced jobs, work from home jobs, real jobs online. Be extra careful in searching genuine job for you. You will find the tips below to search a good job for you. If you want to apply for a job at, you will have to first learn how to prepare a resume.

For most job seekers, a good resume lies between their dream job and Option D. Write your resume correctly, and you’ll get responses from every other company you apply to.

However, if your resume game is low, you’ll sit around for weeks or months before getting a single response.

So you’re probably wondering how to write a resume that gets recruiters to invite you for interviews every day.

Content of the CV: What to Mention in your CV

Now that we’ve sorted the basics let’s dive into the essentials of writing a resume.

The most popular sections for a CV are:

  • Contact information
  • Summary or objective of the professional CV
  • Work experience (and accomplishments)
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Headings: languages, publications, hobbies, etc.

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Welcome to Real job profile. Real jobs Ki Jankari Hindi Me
Hello Dosto Mera Name Krishna Maurya Ha Mai 12th pass kiya hu. or meri Age 22 Year hai. mai india Azamgarh city me rehta Hu,  maine blogging ki suruwat 2016 se ki uske bad main study me lag gaya, phir ab mai blogging start kiya hu or  jobs Ki Jankari Share Krta hu mai soch raha hu Sabko jobs Ki Jankari Hindi Me Mile or apna job kar sake. jo log jobs ke Jankari lena chahte hai unke liye acha hai or wo yaha par step bye step follow kar sakte hai,
Maine Real job profile June 2020 me start kiya. mai is website par government jobs, sarkari Naukri, jobs part time jobs in sab ki jankari hindi me share karta hu.

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Is website ka ye aim hai ki ache se ache jankari hindi me share ki jaye or logo tak puchaya jaye jo job me interest rakhte hai or unko hindi me jobs ke bare me padhna chahte hai to ye website unke liye bahut helpful hai aap is side ke madad se aap job kar sakte hai.
Yeha par hum Besic se lakar Advance level tak  ke jobs ki bare me jankari  ( knowledge ) share karenge. Aap is website har roj  kuch nya job paoge,
Agar aapke pass  koi sawal hai or uska jawab chahiye
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How to Get Your First Real Job?How to Get Your First Real Job?

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” A good job is a job you love, excel at, and are in high demand.

It seems that no one will hire you without experience and you can’t get experience without someone hiring you. It’s not that you’re not intelligent, capable, or motivated. Nobody is going to give you a chance.

That’s the situation Justin Marshall found himself in when we started working together. A philosophy student working part-time as a bartender, he was fed up with irregular hours and thought about returning to do a PhD simply because he saw no other alternative.

A year later, Justin is the COO of a high-end restaurant group in DC, the social media manager for a hit web series, and earning extra money as a social media consultant.

It turns out professional miracles are possible. All you need is the correct technique. Getting your first job is a gratifying experience. The role you choose can have a permanent impact on your career path, making you an overall more competitive candidate for later positions. Winning your first job requires thorough research as well as setting expectations.

Skill Bridge Technique:

Justin researched the skills and position he wanted.

He understood the problems, challenges and opportunities in his workplace.

Finally, he wrote a document that related the skills he wanted to the problems his boss had. It convinced his boss to give him his new job title.

How to determine the skills and position you want

One of Justin’s unconscious assumptions was that it was good work if he was good at his job and loved doing it. However, it turns out that using just those two criteria; he uncovered a lot of jobs with low pay, limited options, and horrible hours. To find the indeed “good jobs,” he had to think not only about the jobs he liked but also about the ones in high demand.

Find high-demand jobs

The first step was to find out which jobs were in high demand. To do this, Justin went to job boards like and entered his city in the search field. Whenever he found a job title that sounded interesting, he would add it to his list of possible careers. He ended up with interesting slips, like Community Manager, Data Analyst, and Technical Writer. This single step completely changed Justin’s thinking.

Find jobs you excel at

It is important to excel at what you are doing. The next step was to take the list of high-demand jobs and determine which ones you’d be good at. To do this, Justin used websites like Pace Careers and Onet Online that provide detailed descriptions of the tasks required by jobs and the types of people who would be good at them. It allowed him to narrow his list to just the jobs he would be good at. He gravitated toward jobs that involved grand strategy, writing, and interacting with people.

Find jobs you’ll love

The final step was to narrow his list down to jobs he thought he liked. Instead of trying to imagine that, Justin realized that the best way to find out if a job would be excellent was to talk to those who had that job.

To do this, Justin searched LinkedIn to find people close to him with similar job titles to what he was looking for. He then texted them and asked if they would be willing to meet for coffee.

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Final Words on

Before applying for positions, consider your current relationships. Think of friends or family who can vouch for your work for a small business or another local employer. Consider your skills through volunteer work, community service, or public association.

These role may not be paying jobs, but the knowledge you gained there is likely valuable enough to land you a position within a company. Also, consider where your interests lie. For example, start with your local movie theatre if you want to work in the movie industry. If you are interested in the culinary arts, find a job at a local restaurant. Therefore, It’s possible to land a job that matches your career goals or can set you on the right track. So, Identify a few emotions and focus on the following main points:

Money: It concretely affects the bottom line and would be a great incentive to get a promotion. To do this, follow the next two steps

    • To reduce costs and increase revenue, Justin discovered several areas where he could reduce costs or increase revenue. For instance:
    • Turn occasional customers into regular customers
    • And also, avoid losing customers
    • Increase lucrative events like mastercyclers
    • Determine the return on investment
    • Further, Maintain relationships

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Conclusion: Send a Thank you

Sometimes you have to complete the task to be satisfied, without any expectation. The thank you email can be useful for communicating with managers who are in the process of recruiting.

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