Tropipay IntroductionTropipay Introduction

TropiPay is an electronic wallet that allows you to carry out the most common day-to-day financial transactions. It’s easy and safe.

  • Besides, TropiPay operates under a Payment Entity License, by Law 16/2009, of November 13, on Payment Services, approved by the Bank of Spain and the European Central Bank.
  • TropiPay complies with the current General Data Protection Regulation approved by the European Union (GDPR)
  • Our system is responsible for delivering the funds to their destination in 3 business days after shipment confirmation. On some occasions receiving banks delay the deposit of funds into recipient accounts, and unfortunately, this is beyond our control.
  • The experience was great, and the shipping process was easy. The company is optional because they do a great job. And also, It’s faster, easier and hassle-free to send money from my bank. My only suggestion or advice is why it takes so long (like three weeks or a month) to get any new beneficiary or record approved.
  • Automated identity verification is a security measure indicated by the PSD2 Payments Regulation, which came into force in September 2019. So, by adhering to this regulation, we guarantee the integrity and honesty of the users of our system; we avoid fraud and other improper uses of the system.
  • Security measures are mandatory because they are the basis of our legality and provide security for our users. If you do not wish to complete the process, you will not be able to send funds to our platform.
  • Our advanced technology protects your money and ensures that it reaches its destination safely.
  • Welcome to the Tropipay Business Open API! We are building a future beyond banking and payments; we are delighted to have you among us. Further, here you will find all the information to get started with our API.
  • Therefore, you can use the Business API to automate your financial operations. It means that you will only be able to access your own Tropipay account.

Uses and Limits of TropiPay

To ensure a safe and fair exchange of resources, they set the following usage limits:

  1. Maximum of 60 requests per minute for a given company
  2. TropiPay Financial Operations
  3. With your TropiPay wallet, you can send funds and perform the most common collection and payment transactions, from paying in store to sharing expenses with your friends.
  4. Remittances and family support
  5. Transfers between bank accounts.
  6. Pay with your mobile phone.
  7. Share expenses with your friends.
  8. Recharge phone balance.
  9. Promotions and reductions every month.

Demo Account of TropiPay

To make it easier for you to use the API, we’ve created a sandbox: a test account that replicates the same functionality as a real business account but with fake data. Besides, It means you don’t need to open a trading account to start using the API, and more importantly, you don’t risk accidentally transferring real money to the wrong person.

The development server stops by default. Further, once you access the URL, the server starts, it takes about 1 minute to wake up. He goes back to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity.

For Cubans around the world, TropiPay is a lifesaver. So, You can send your money faster to Cuba. You can receive payments or payments for services, and there is the option to get Amazon gift cards.

TropiPay is an electronic wallet (e-wallet or electronic wallet) that allows any person, businessman or company to carry out monetary transactions online, quickly, safely and backed by European financial entities. It is a platform dedicated to the processing, in a simplified way, of the daily financial operations of any person or company. And also, it provides access to different products with special offers and bonuses on our referral plan and marketplace.

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Switch to online payments and be part of the change! It offers multiple payment alternatives, including third-party card billing through payment links, bank transfers and transfers between TropiPay users, immediate payment by QR code and instalments to family and friends. In short: a tool that gives you total control over the finances of your home or business. And also, at the same time, offers more facilities and payment solutions to your team and clients with various payment solutions adapted to your needs.

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