Wattson Heirloom Animations – Watch All

Wattson Heirloom Animations

Wattson Heirloom is among the most popular cosmetics in Apex Legends. These are unique skins layered on top of the respective legend lore and even come with their animations and gadgets to add a bit of flair.

Besides, with nearly 20 characters in Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale, heirloom channelling can be slow, and many players are still waiting for their favourite legend to get one.

Therefore, One of the most requested heirlooms to date is Wattson’s, and fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it.

Wattson Heirloom Revealed

Respawn revealed Wattson Heirloom legacy on December 2 after listing him as the grand prize for the Raiders Collection event.

The melee skin takes the form of a device with a digital Nessie living inside the relic.

The look of Nessie A.I. perfectly matches what we know of the Static Defender. It could be Respawn’s way of personalizing its legacy, as Nessie dolls have a special place in the Apex community and Wattson lore.

And also, Wattson Heirloom Energy Drive will be the 12th relic in Apex Legends after the ultra-rare Lifeline and Rampart melee skins.

Wattson Heirloom Release Date Wattson’s Energy Reader relic is finally coming to the game during the Apex Legends Raiders Collection event starting December 7.

Players must collect all 24 collectables from the Raider Collection event to acquire the Wattson Heirloom.

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Wattson Heirloom – Special Door Animation in Apex Legends

The recently launched Raiders Collection event finally brought Wattson’s energy drive legacy to the game.

Although there was a lot of anticipation for the rare collectable after leaks revealed its basic design, much of the community was disappointed with the final product, even calling it “ugly”.

Now that Energy Reader has been in the game for a few days, players are finally getting excited about Heirloom after seeing its wide range of superb animations.

One of these interactions was just discovered and only triggered when Wattson smashes through a door with his melee attacks.

Top 10 Wattson Heirloom Skins in Apex Legends

Wattson has countless skins for players to choose from in Apex Legends, but which of his cosmetics are the best and will make you stand out from the crowd in the Outlands?

10. Chaos Pilot

Chaos Driver Wattson Respawn Entertainment

The Chaos Conductor Wattson skin.

Chaos Conductor Wattson was released alongside the Chaos Theory Season 8 event and was available to craft 2,400 materials.

9. Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor Wattson Respawn Entertainment

Wattson’s Skin of the Strange Attractor.

Strange Attractor Wattson was not part of any event and is available for crafting in the skins tab for 1200 materials.

8. Shocking padding

Shocking Stuffer Wattson Respawn Entertainment

The incredible skin of Stuffer Wattson.

Shocking Stuffer Wattson was originally part of Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash event in 2019 but returned every December in a bundle.

7. Outlands Explorer

Outlands Explorer WattsonRespawn Entertainment

The look of Wattson, explorer of the Outlands.

Wattson, Explorer of Distant Lands, arrived at the Season 5 Lost Treasures gathering event and was available to craft 2400 materials.

6. Ruby Joule

Ruby Joules Wattson Respawn Entertainment

And Ruby Joules Wattson skin

Ruby Joules Wattson required ‘Strange Attractor’ and 6500 Legend Tokens to craft and saw in the store in May 2020.

5. Kawaii Voltage

Kawaii Voltage WattsonRespawn Entertainment

And Kawaii Voltage Wattson skin

Kawaii Voltage Wattson came out with Arenas Flash Event in 2021 as a reward for accumulating a specific number of points in the Prize Tracker.

4. Rocket Scientist

Rocket Scientist WattsonRespawn Entertainment

And Rocket Scientist Wattson skin

Rocket Scientist Wattson was released with the Season 8 Anniversary Collectible Event in 2021 and was available to craft 1,200 materials.

3. Silver Age

Silver Age Wattson Respawn Entertainment

Wattson’s Silver Age skin.

Silver Age Wattson arrived with the Season 3 Grand Soiree arcade event as part of a 1,800 Apex Coin package.

2. Thunder Kitten

Thunder Kitty Wattson Respawn Entertainment

And also Thunder Kitty Wattson skin.

Thunder Kitty Wattson was part of the Season 12 Anniversary Collection event in 2022 and was available to craft 2400 materials.


Cyber ​​Punk Wattson Respawn Entertainment

The Cyber ​​Punked Wattson skin.

Cyber ​​Punked Wattson was unlocked at Tier 50 in the Season 4 Battle Pass.

So, there you have it, these are our top 10 skins for Static Defender, Wattson. We’ll be sure to update our list as new skins in upcoming collection events and seasonal updates.

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While Wattson’s energy reader is helpful as some Taser-style melee weapon, it’s designed to look like a tool, with a small screen displaying a motion-tracking radar screen that sadly is only ” esthetic”. While some may not be fans of Heirloom’s practical design, the weapon seems to be reminiscent of pop culture icons like the motion tracker from Aliens or the P.K.E. from Ghostbusters. Meter.

Legacy suggests that Wattson could be a gamer, with some item animations showing her playing games on the screen. A video from YouTuber Dazs shows off every possible spirit for the weapon, including one that shows Wattson hugging a full-size Nessie plushie.

Besides, In one of the game-like animations, Wattson interacts with a Tamagotchi version of her beloved Nessie, feeding her virtual pet. Another shows a brief run in a bullet hell-style game, with an attack from a boss-like creature at the end. So, both are just animations rather than interactive games, but that’s a nice touch for the tech-loving character.

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