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Wolf of Wall Street Costume – Classic Clothing Style and Break Down

Wolf of Wall Street Costume

About Wolf of Wall Street Costume

Wolf of Wall Street Costume is one of the most famous movies of 2013. Not only because it’s the fifth collaboration between Scorsese and DiCaprio. The Wolf of Wall Street men’s wardrobe is of striped jackets and silk ties that show an evolution, going from geometric prints to silver embroidery.

Wolf of Wall Street Costume – Classic Clothing Style

Leonardo DiCaprio has shown that no one is more elegant than a stockbroker on Wall Street. Before being caught by the authorities, Jordan (Leonardo) leads a tumultuous life marked by excesses, money and women. While we can’t approve of his lifestyle, we can certainly appreciate his classic clothing style.

Giorgio Armani’s suits marked an era. In the 80s and 90s, when Wall Street yuppies were triumphant and still dressed in one of the deconstructed suits that made the Italian designer famous. He chose to collaborate with ” Wolf of Wall Street Costume”, the notorious work of Martin Scorsese featuring his favourite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. It brings to life Jordan Belfort, one of the glittering stars of the New York Stock Exchange in the early 1990s. Eventually, it became one of the most prominent con artists in American history.

The Wolf of Wall Street costume covers a broad and relatively recent period: the 80s and 90s. To the main character’s evolution and to differentiate himself, various costumes are used that resort to slight nuances of colours and cuts. Jordan Belfort begins with shades of grey and green, broad shoulders, and wide double-breasted jackets. He is impeccably dressed in a pinstripe suit as he walks to work, very typical of the 90s. At the end of that decade, coinciding with the fall of Jordan, the tones changed to black and black.

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Wolf of Wall Street Costume Outfits, Brands and Styles

Think of a Businessman’s Attire:

Wolf of Wall Street Costume Break Down

In Terrible Clothes:

The Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t occur at a perfect time for fashion. But the film doesn’t delve too deeply into nostalgia for ridiculous ’90s clothes. It is (sort of) one of the most understated parts of this film of excess.

It was important not to overload the look of the film with overdone versions of the 1980s and 1990s fashions. Because the film is a comedy, much of the action and dialogue is for laughs; it was essential to keep the balance with the clothes stock and not to make comic caricatures. However, it was fun to subtly use humour, especially with Jonah’s character and ambitious attire.

On the importance of links:

Powell faced a sea of ​​men dressed for work, who had to wear Wall Street uniforms but had to tell the characters apart.It was one of the biggest challenges because so many men wear suits, and the differentiation is between ties and the way suits are worn. Due to the uniformity of classic conservative suiting, the only place to express individuality is in the tie.

On his other challenge:

In addition to dressing a group of costume dealers, Powell had to find the bare minimum of clothing worn by the countless strippers and prostitutes they hired. He pointed to this collective when asked who was the hardest character to dress.

On taste, or lack thereof:

How to dress a bunch of idiots? Powell explained that he works to “convey the vulgarity that involves people wearing the most expensive clothes. Because, they are expensive rather than fancy or attractive”. When we asked Powell how to dress women, a “relief after all the costumes,” he turned to the “Versace supergirl” look of Naomi, Belfort’s second wife:

Naomi shows her land in her clothes, sporting the latest trends from top designers, but not always in the most stylish way. If he were wearing Versace, it would be head to toe, like the scene where he enters the gay orgy.


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