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And When the Seasons Change: TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile videos. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok is an all-in-one platform, you will find videos related to anything and everything. The application gives you plenty of ideas to stimulate your creativity. If you are a dance fan, you will find a vast collection of dance videos on the platform.

Elight is a subgenre of Alt Tiktok. TikTok is all about following the latest trends. Some trends fade quickly, while others stick around for years. It segregates into two genres – Elight and Straight.

It has been around since 2019, and you need to know why? This song became so famous because people on TikTok took to it so passionately, as the song speaks about not giving up at the first hurdle but rather persevering and seeing things through going ahead.

What is “And When the Seasons Change”?What is "And When the Seasons Change"?

And When The Seasons Change Will You Stand By – is sung by Young the Giant and represents the English Music Ensemble with a song name, Mind Over Matter.

There is no fixed structure with the content of the videos created in this trend. The entire video is on the lyrics of the accompanying song. However, certain aspects tend to repeat themselves with these videos.

For example, most videos are in slow motion (probably to keep up with the lyrics). Another recurring aspect is decoration and you can check many of these videos are filmed on location to represent the “seasons” mentioned in the song. The videos are romantic and aim to ask a person loved by the creator. They can also point the finger at a close friend (“would you support me?”).

“And When the Seasons Change”? Lyrics

_And When the Seasons Change__ 1 Lyrics


_And When the Seasons Change__ Lyrics


_And When the Seasons Change__ Lyrics 3

About “And When the Seasons Change”

The audio sample used in the trending videos comes from the famous song “Mind Over Matter” by the group Young the Giant (YTG). The band rose to fame in 2010 and was in Rolling Stone! The song was significant to the band, which had been off-beat for a few years; Mind Over Matter was their comeback in 2014.

The song is about persevering and overcoming things rather than giving up on the first obstacle which made people on TikTok embrace it fervently.

The lines come from the end of the chorus and say, “And when the seasons change, will you support me?”

You can listen to YTG’s original song “Mind Over Matter” on Spotify and YouTube

How do you make a ‘And When the Seasons Change’ video?

Suppose you want to make your own “And When the Seasons Change” video, all you need is the audio clip. You get the song from the original sound page, “When the Seasons Change”. If you’re making a video right away, tap the “Use this sound” button at the bottom of the screen to redirect to your camera.

You can also access the sound by going to Favorites > Sounds on your profile page. Tap “Add to Favorites” to save the sound for later use,. The sound gets added to your favourites.


‘And When the Seasons Change’ video” became so popular due to its unique quality of positive thinking, and its entire video and song are together.

Several celebrities also pick the trend to sum up the lyrics playing. By following this article, you can make up your video on “When The Seasons Change.”

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