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What is an Emergency Fund? – IntroductionWhat is an Emergency Fund? - Introduction

An emergency fund is your bank account with money set aside to pay for large, unforeseen expenses like:

  • Unforeseen medical expenses
  • Repair or replacement of electrical appliances
  • Major car fixes
  • Unemployment

Why do I need an Emergency Fund?

Emergency funds create a financial reserve that can keep you afloat in times of need without relying on people, credit cards or high-interest loans. It can be important to have an emergency fund if you’re in debt, as it can help you avoid borrowing more.

Besides, the first step to getting out of debt is finding a way to stay out of debt, says Liz Weston, columnist for NerdWallet.

Where Should I put my Emergency Fund?

The best way to put your emergency fund is in your Savings account with high-interest rate and easy access because an emergency can strike at any time; having quick access is crucial. Therefore, it should not be in link to a long-term investment fund. But the account should be separate from your daily bank account, so you won’t be tempted to dip into your reserves.

A high-yield savings account is the best place for your money. The money earns interest and you can quickly access your money when you need it, either by withdrawing or transferring funds.

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