What are Capital Goods?

Find What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field: Capital goods are physical assets that a business uses in the production process to make products and services that consumers will use later.

Capital goods comprise of buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and tools. Besides, Capital goods are not only finished goods but are used to make finished goods.

Capital goods for the service sector are also produced, including hair clippers used by hairdressers and coffee machines for cafeterias.

Capital Goods Against Consumer Goods

Firstly, Consumer goods are the finished products that consumers buy due to the production process. Although consumer goods have different classifications, examples include milk, home appliances, and clothing.

In contrast, capital goods are generally not sold to consumers but are used to produce other goods that could be sold to consumers. And also, there are some capital goods that can also be consumer goods, like airplanes, used by airlines and consumers.

Capital & Consumer Goods

Cars used by a delivery company would be a capital good, where as, for a family, they would be a consumer good.

The ovens that are used by a restaurant would be a capital good, but they can also be a consumer good.

Computers can be used by businesses but also by consumers.

Landscaping businesses and consumers can use landscaping equipment.

Companies in the Capital Goods Sector

The capital goods industry is very diverse. No surprise here, but that includes any business that creates and sells capital goods. Companies that produce goods for any of the following industries belong to the capital goods sector:

  • Electronic
  • Furniture
  • Infrastructure
  • Musical instruments
  • network equipment
  • Power Technology
  • Building
  • Aerospace
  • Auto
  • Instruments

Example of Capital Goods

Capital goods are durable artificial goods used by businesses to manufacture goods and services. They understand:

  • Instruments
  • Machinery
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Computers
  • Construction Equipment

Any item a business uses to provide a service or manufacture a consumer good is considered a capital good. For example, a car manufacturer will use hundreds of consumer goods, such as computer chips, wheels, motors, mirrors, windshield wipers, and fuses, to build a car. Similarly, it uses capital equipment when a restaurant purchases kitchen appliances, packaging, and tables to cook and serve the food it sells.

Example of Consumer Goods

Items that customers buy tend to be considered consumer goods. For example, clothing and fashion accessories are consumer goods.

Consumer goods include goods sold directly to consumers without requiring further processing. He understands:

  • Clothes
  • Electronic
  • Food
  • The phones
  • Bicycles
  • Toys

Find What Companies are in the Capital Goods FieldWhat Companies are in the Capital Goods Field (1)

The capital goods industry comprises many companies, but some dominate the market, produce goods, or provide services that have more significant global or economic influence than others. What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field?

These are some of the prominent companies in this industry:

1. Pacific Union

Transportation and logistics are two industries where Union Pacific operates. In addition to coal and chemicals, they produce agricultural, automotive, and intermodal goods. About 10,000 people are served by most of the rail lines in the United States, which have been built.

2. General Electricity

General Electric, also known as “GE,” was established in the manufacturing sector in 1892. GE is a company with offices in Boston and New York providing services to various industries, including aviation, energy, renewable energy, and healthcare.

Thus, this activity focuses on electric motors, weapons, software, wind turbines, and aircraft engines, among others. Besides, GE has annual revenues of more than $10 billion.

3. United Rental Inc.

United Rentals, Inc., founded in 1997, is headquartered in Connecticut. He works in the facilities management and construction industries and focuses on providing equipment rental services. It is also the largest equipment rental company in the world.

United Rental offers commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, and construction rental services. Residential customers, utility companies, local governments, and construction companies are among its customers; They sell new and old vehicles and equipment.

4. Boeing

This company’s three distinct business divisions, the world’s largest aerospace company, are commercial aircraft, space and security, defense, and global services. In addition, Boeing supports the governments of US allies and airlines in more than 150 countries.

They also offer additional services, including launchers, missiles, commercial and military aircraft, satellites in space, electronic protection systems, and more.

5. Caterpillar Inc.

A construction company founded in 1925 is Caterpillar Inc., also known as Caterpillar or CAT. Gas turbines, diesel-electric locomotives, and gas engines are the company’s main areas of development and production for mining and construction equipment.

CAT has offices and facilities in more than 180 countries and on all continents. The construction, resources, and energy and transportation industries are its top three market groups, generating around $40 billion annually.

In addition, it offers machines for drilling, paving, hydraulics, and other tasks.

6. ABB

ABB is a company that operates in the mining, utilities, and energy sectors. Circuit breakers, switches, cable networks, control products, and other electronic equipment are some of the products that the company specializes in producing. The company also offers maintenance and installation solutions for its systems.

7. Northrop Grumman

Founded in 1939, Northrop Grumman is an aerospace and defense company.

The company is an expert in developing military aircraft, aerial vehicles, machine guns, automatic cannons, ammunition, satellites, rocket launchers, stealth bombers, electronic systems, and other ground and space defense elements.

Aircraft, defense, mission, space, and other industries are just a few sectors in which Northrop Grumman operates. All of these industries have multiple locations in the United States.

This company regularly seeks to update and replace current products on the market while developing new military products.

8. Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an American international automobile manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford, who had a natural talent for engineering, founded the company in 1903.

As an engineer, Ford began his career in 1890 with the Detroit Edison Company. He raised money to create a new automobile in 1896 by selling a gasoline buggy. Ford made test gasoline engines at the time.

Detroit Edison Company executives believed he was diverting time from his regular job because of his hobby. Ford had to leave his position as chief engineer in 1899.

9. Lockheed Martin

Another aerospace and defense company is Lockheed Martin. Founded in 1995, Lockheed Martin is headquartered in Maryland. Lockheed Martin’s revenue in 2021 was $67 billion.

They produce a variety of things, such as missiles, rotary and mission systems, fire control, and aeronautics. Lockheed Martin’s main product lines are strike weapons, airborne missiles, and fire detectors.

10. Honeywell International

  • Honeywell International Inc. is a US-based advanced technology company that manufactures products for the automotive and aerospace industries and control systems for residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, polymers, specialty chemicals, and engineering materials are produced.
  • Standard products manufactured by Honeywell include engineered materials, polymers, specialty chemicals, and automotive parts.
  • Minnesota is home to 3M, which was founded there in 1902. It is produced in over 200 countries and comes in 60,000 product varieties.
  • They make decals, window films, paint protection films, and more. 3M produces electronics, automotive, dental, and medical products and software for the healthcare industry.

Frequent Asked Questions

How many jobs are available in the field of capital goods?

Since capital goods encompass many industries, and most companies have in-house departments for marketing, legal, IT, and many more, there are many open positions in capital goods.

Is capital goods a good career path?

Capital goods is a great career path for many people, especially if you are interested in manufacturing and solving problems for other companies. However, it is not always as stable as different domains. While capital goods are necessary for other industries to function (an automaker can’t make cars without the machines to make them), they are also highly dependent on the global economy and supply chain. There is always a need for capital goods, but industry growth can fluctuate based on supply and demand.


People who want to invent on What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field and create things should choose a job in the capital goods industry. Plus, it’s the perfect setting if you want to be part of the expanding supply chain driving the global economy.

Capital goods are also attractive for job seekers who want to grow within a specific company or organization. Most capital goods companies offer on the job training and programs to support their employees’ higher education, so if you’re looking for a job that helps you learn and grow, this could be a great area to explore.

If you’re hoping to find a job that makes an impact, this field is also an excellent opportunity to work on projects with a focus on technology and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to work in a customer service role, trying out a marketing role in a new field, or breaking into a whole new industry, the capital goods field offers plenty of exciting opportunities to explore.

So work in capital goods if you want to change the world and get paid well! We hope this article answers the question, “what companies are there in the capital goods business?”. “

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