Before you know about Roku Apple TV, you should know about Television and Apple TV. Television (TV) is the electronic transmission of moving pictures and sound from a supply source to a receiver. Television has had a tremendous influence on society by extending the senses of sight and hearing beyond the limits of physical distance.

What is Apple TV?

  • Apple TV is a streaming service that features Apple Originals with award-winning series, gripping dramas with groundbreaking documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies, and more.
  • It’s the first all-original video subscription service to offer an inspiring, award-winning slate of original series, movies, and now sports, starting with “Friday Night Baseball.” Subscribers can enjoy Apple Originals, including series like “Ted Lasso,” “The Morning Show” and “Severance,” plus movies like “CODA” and “Finch” with new originals added monthly.
  • Here, subscribers get their Apple ID and password to watch online or enjoy offline downloads of their favorite shows.
  • The availability of Apple TV features, channels, and related content may vary depending on the country or region you are trying to access it from.

What is Roku Apple TV?What is Roku Apple TV

Roku offers the easiest way to stream entertainment to your TV. It makes it easy and affordable to watch your favorite TV. Roku Apple TV devices serve as the Home for all your entertainment so that you can streamline your setup, replace expensive cable gear, and manage what you love—all while saving money.

Roku Apple TV Streaming

What is Streaming?

Have you ever seen YouTube videos on your smartphone or a Netflix movie on your computer or a laptop? It’s transmitting. It is how video and audio content gets deliver over the Internet and has become a popular way of watching television. Streaming is a way to save money while enjoy your favorite TV. Whether you’re saving on equipment costs by replacing a set-top box with a streaming player or cutting the cord, you can still watch what you love. All Roku devices offer easy access to free TV, sports, live news, movies, and more. So, you can be sure you won’t miss a thing.

Because streaming allows you to watch what you want when you want, you need not wait for a download to complete for your DVR to record.

Roku products bring the fun and expediency of streaming to your big-screen TV. The choice of what you want to see and what you pay is up to you. We call it TV on your terms.

Can you Watch Apple TV on Roku?Watch Apple TV on Roku

  • Roku Apple TV have access to one of the most extensive streaming libraries. In addition to apps like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max, does Roku users also watch Apple TV? Do you want to read Apple News? You need an Apple device. Do you want to work out with Apple Fitness+ or listen to podcasts on Apple? However, you should have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • While that’s the case with most Apple services, two go beyond the walled garden. Apple Music, for example, is available on Android and Windows. The same goes for the Apple TV app. With Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, PlayStation, or Xbox, download Apple TV like any other app, which lets you buy or rent movies and TV shows, access your Apple digital library, and stream exclusive Apple TV.
  • Apart from the devices mentioned above, you can watch the Apple TV app on Roku. And it works as you’d expect! You can manage your entire Apple TV+ library, stream all the movies and TV shows that you purchase through Apple, and even buy new ones you want to watch.
  • You can get Apple TV on Roku Express, Roku Express 4K, Roku Streambar, Roku HD, and more. The Apple TV app has been running on the Roku 2 since 2015, you should be able to watch Apple TV without issue.

What is a Roku Account?

Roku account is needed to activate your device and access entertainment on thousands of streaming channels. There are no monthly rental fees with Roku Apple TV. Adding a payment method lets you to easily rent, buy on-demand movies, or subscribe to popular services like Netflix.

How to Use Apple TV Channel on Your Roku Streaming Device

Apple TV Channel is now available on select Roku streaming players and Roku TV™ models. You can access your Library of shows and movies and find new shows to stream, buy, or rent. This article will help you determine if your Roku Apple TV device is compatible, connect to the channel, stream content, and learn more about Apple TV+.

How do I check if Roku is Compatible with my device?

Not all Roku streaming devices are compatible with the Apple TV channel. To help you determine if your device in your country is supported, you need to know the device model. To find this information, go to your Roku device’s home screen and select Settings > System > About. The following models are compatible with the Apple TV channel.

Device Model
 Roku TV  7000x, C000x, 8000x, A000x, 6000x
 Roku Streambar®  9102
 Roku Streambar Pro  9101R2
 Roku Smart Soundbar  9101
 onn. • Roku Smart Soundbar  9100
 Roku Express  3900, 3930, 3960
 Roku Express+  3910, 3931
 Roku Express 4K  3900, 3940
 Roku Express 4K+  3910, 3941
 Roku HD  3932
 Roku Streaming Stick®  3600, 3800
 Roku Streaming Stick+  3810, 3811
 Roku Streaming Stick 4K  3820
 Roku Streaming Stick 4K+  3821
 Roku Premiere  3920, 4620
 Roku Premiere+  3921, 4630
 Roku Ultra  4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800, 4802
 Roku Ultra LT  4662, 4801
 Roku 2  4205, 4210
 Roku 3  4200, 4230

How to Add an Apple TV Channel

You can add the Apple TV channel to your compatible Roku streaming player by following the steps below.

  • Press the Roku Apple TV remote home button on your Roku remote
  • Scroll down and select Streaming Channels to open the channel store
  • Select search channels
  • Start getting into Apple TV. Search results will narrow as you type.
  • Note: If Apple TV doesn’t appear, it may not be compatible with your Roku device.
  • When you see the channel, use the directional pad on your Roku remote to highlight Apple TV
  • Press the OK OK button on the Roku remote to see the details
  • Select Add Channel

Once installed, the Apple TV channel will appear in the channel list under Home on the main screen of your Roku device. You can change the channel to another part of the list if you prefer.

You can also add the channel from your Roku Apple TV account in a web browser or from the Roku mobile app.

How to Connect to the Channel on Apple TV

Before you can connect to the Apple TV channel, you must have an Apple ID. Follow the instructions below to sign in with your existing Apple ID or learn how to create a new one.

Launch Apple TV Channel

  • Select Settings
  • Select accounts
  • Select Connect

Two connection options appear on your TV

Choose Sign in on your mobile device to sign in with your smartphone. You can go to and enter the code displayed on your TV or scan the QR code that appears. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the login process. Or, you can sign in on this TV and enter your Apple ID directly on your TV screen using your Roku remote.

If you don’t have an Apple ID, select Create an Apple ID. You can go to and enter the code displayed on your TV or scan the QR code that appears. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration process.

How to Watch on Roku Apple TVWatch on Roku Apple TV

To start with Apple TV on Roku is a breeze. First, you must download the Apple TV on your Roku Apple TV device. And to do this, you should press the Home button on your Roku remote. Select “Streaming Channels” from the left menu bar, and type “Apple TV” on the Find Channels page. Then, you should use the arrow keys on your remote and highlight the Apple TV channel. Further, click the OK button on your remote, then select “Add Channel.”

Once you download the Apple TV app, find it on the Roku Apple TV home screen and open it. From there, you have to sign in to the app using your Apple ID:

  • Go to the “Settings” page at the top right of the app.
  • Select ‘Accounts.’
  • Select ‘Login.’
  • Select “Connect on a mobile device” or “Connect on this TV.”
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to sign in to your Apple account.

If you Don’t have a Compatible Streaming Device or Smart TV

Apple TV+ is free for three months when you buy an Apple TV 4K. Or you can watch Apple TV+ now in your web browser at

Find the Apple TV app on your smart TV or streaming device’s home screen or apps folder (you may need to install it first), then open it and sign in with an Apple ID.

How to stream movies & TV shows from Apple TV

On the Apple TV channel, you can:

  • Select a category to browse the available content.
  • Select Library to view the content you already own.
  • Select Search if you know what you are looking for.
  • Scroll through the available titles and select the one you like best
  • Select Buy or Rent
  • When prompted, enter your Apple ID password to complete your purchase
  • Select Play to start reading the content.

Final Verdict

With the arrival of the Apple TV app on Roku, our customers will enjoy an even broader range of exciting entertainment, including the highly anticipated Apple TV+ service. Roku is a valuable partner for content providers looking to reach large and engaged audiences, and we look forward to bringing this new option to Roku Apple TV users.

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