Whatsapp account – One of India’s most used chat platforms, WhatsApp, has its benefits and challenges. WhatsApp can do a lot, from sharing status updates to group chats and calls. However, the problem with WhatsApp is that there is no concept of first sending “friend requests” or asking for permission before sending a message. Almost anyone in your phone’s contact list can find you on WhatsApp, making things a bit tricky and sometimes “risky.” Here are 15 mistakes you should make on WhatsApp right away.

Stop Allowing Everyone To Access Your Whatsapp Account

Take the time to fresh up your contacts list and delete phone numbers from people you no longer keep in touch with. If you think you might need your phone number at some point, at least block those irrelevant numbers on WhatsApp. There is no point in your ex-owner or the cleaning lady who worked in your house five years ago finding you on WhatsApp. Keep in mind that almost everyone in India uses a smartphone, and almost everyone uses WhatsApp.

Stop Revealing Too Much Data In Your Profile Picture

It’s a good idea to save a simple profile picture. Make sure your profile picture doesn’t reveal too much information about you and your family members. Avoid group photos, photos in front of your home, or photos that indicate your registration number. It is important because everyone in your contact list can see your WhatsApp profile picture. However, there are three privacy options for who can see your profile picture: Everyone (i.e., all WhatsApp users), My Contacts (people in your contact list), and Nobody (that’s pretty much no photo).

Stop Not Adding A PIN For 2-Step Verification To Secure Account

Go to Settings and add 2-Step Verification to prevent someone else from locking you out of your account and using your WhatsApp account on another device without your knowledge. It will stop you from becoming a victim of SIM swap scams. Also, others will not be allowed to set up your WhatsApp account on another phone by stealing the OTP from you.

Stop Not Blocking Your Account With Touch ID Or Face ID

Stop Not Blocking Your Whatsapp Account With Touch ID Or Face ID

It also proposes to its users the ability to add an extra layer of safety to their financial records with Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone and fingerprint lock for Android. You can also agree whether you want WhatsApp to automatically block your access to the app as soon as you close the app or after several periods of inactivity. Just open settings. Tap Account > Privacy > Screen lock. Turn on Need Touch ID or Require Face ID, then choose how long WhatsApp can sleep before requiring Touch ID or Face ID.

Stop Sharing Your Statuses Publicly With Everyone

Status messages are private and meant to be shared with your friends, family, and not your everyday walk, maid, or cab driver. Make sure you’re using your privacy settings correctly to prevent unnecessary people from seeing your status updates.

Don’t Let Everyone Add You To Whatsapp Groups Anymore

There is an option to restrict who can add you to group messages. The privacy settings are Everyone My Contacts (only people in your contact list can add you to groups) and My Contacts Except (this option lets you choose who you can be added to a group).group). Group). It’s always good to allow non-random people to add you to a group chat.

Stop Adding All account Media Files To Your Phone Gallery

It is another critical setting to watch out for. Keep in mind that all those WhatsApp photos eat up your phone’s internal storage as they are saved to the gallery. So if you don’t specifically want all those silly “good morning” photos to show up in your gallery, turn them off in the settings menu.

Stop Automatically Backing Up Chats To Google Drive Or Icloud

WhatsApp chat backups stores in iCloud or Google Drive are not encode. So if some discussions are essential need to save, it’s a good idea to spread them and put them in another safe place. Unnecessarily backing up all your WhatsApp chats takes up storage space and is often of little use.

Always Avoid Sharing Pornographic Videos. Can Put You In Jail

It has a strict policy against sharing pornographic content. Although you may think that sharing some adult clips or photos is harmless, it is pretty risky. If someone reports your account, WhatsApp can suspend your account and file a police report according to the terms of service.

Avoid Sharing Unconfirm Messages Or Rumors About Sensitive Topics

Police have the power to dig up your  chats to see if you played a role in sharing fake messages inciting violence. So don’t spread unconfirmed news or rumors about sensitive issues unless you want to get in trouble.

Do Not Post Hate Messages About Caste, Race, Religion, Etc.

As with fake news, WhatsApp has strict policies against using its platform for hate propaganda. Avoid sharing these types of messages.

Never Create A Whatsapp Account In Someone Else’s Name

Don’t mistake using a  account on someone else’s behalf. It is considered individuality theft and is a crime.

Stop Saving account Messages

Every note has a time limit, and there is no reason to keep all chats forever. Use the Messages Disappear feature to automatically clean up your WhatsApp chats every seven days.

Don’t Forget To Turn On The Security Update For Device Pairing

WhatsApp added an extra layer of protection if you want to link your WhatsApp account to your computer. To link WhatsApp Web to your  account, you need to unlock your face or fingerprint on your phone before scanning a QR code from your phone to connect your device. With this feature, you will receive a pop-up notification every time you log into the web/desktop to ensure nobody sees your WhatsApp chats.

Feel free to report messages as spam

Other operators who know your phone number may be able to contact you. WhatsApp always advises users to block the sender, ignore the message, and delete it for spam or repeated text messages.

Review Mistakes You Should Stop Making On Whatsapp [2024].

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