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What is Android?What is Android

Android Write For Us: The platform that changes what mobile devices can do. When a machine goes from just working to making life easier, Android is behind it. Your GPS avoids traffic jams, your watch can send text messages, and the Assistant can answer questions. It’s the operating system of 2.5 billion active devices. From 5G phones to gorgeous tablets, Android powers them all.

Android is open to everyone: developers, designers, and device makers. More people can experience, imagine and create things the world has never seen. From its inaugural release until today, Android has been visually, conceptually, and functionally transformed time and time again. Google’s mobile operating system may be rudimentary, to begin with, but damn it, has it ever evolved?

Android Main Versions

Android versions 1.0 to 1.1: The Beginnings

Firstly, Android made its official public debut in 2008 with Android 1.0, a version so old it didn’t even have a pretty codename.

Things were pretty basic at the time, but the software included a suite of early Google apps such as Gmail, Maps, Calendar, and YouTube, all of which were built into the operating system, a stark contrast to the older app model Autonomous employed today.

Android version 1.5: Cupcake

With the release of Android 1.5 Cupcake in early 2009, the tradition of Android version naming was born. Cupcake made numerous improvements to the Android interface, including the first-ever on-screen keyboard, which would be needed as phones moved away from the once-ubiquitous physical keyboard model.

Cupcake also created the framework for third-party app widgets, which would quickly become one of Android’s most distinctive elements, and provided the platform’s first choice for video recording.

Android version 1.6: Donut

Android 1.6, Donut, came to the world in 2009. Donut filled essential gaps in the core of Android, including the ability of the operating system to run on a variety of desktop sizes and different screens. This factor would be critical in the following years. It also added support for CDMA networks like Verizon, which would play a vital role in the impending explosion of Android.

Android versions 2.0 to 2.1: Lightning

To keep up with the breakneck pace of Android’s early years, Android 2.0, Eclair, appeared just six weeks after Donut; its “point one” update, also called Eclair, was released a few months later. And also, Eclair was the first version of Android to enter mainstream awareness thanks to the original Motorola Droid phone and the vast Verizon marketing campaign surrounding it.

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