Google Pixel: Phone Software

It is powered by powerful Google technology and more, Pixel can be customized and mass-deployed, so your team can get up running quickly.

Google Pixel is an Innovation from every point of view. And also, Pixel helps your workforce stay connected and productive with the latest 5G connectivity and collaboration tools. Besides, It saves your time and effort by automating processes and speeding up workflows.

Google Pixel Advantages

  1. Zero-touch enrollment facilitates mass deployment of devices. You have to Just unbox, turn on, and access the tools and apps you need to start.
  2. And also, Customize your device for your business and support network settings and policies with various management APIs.
  3. Further, get the Google experience you know and love, plus the assurance that Pixel devices have earned the Android Enterprise Recommended seal of approval.
  4. Manage personal and professional profiles.
  5. Create an OS-level separation between personal and corporate data, so business transactions remain secure from any employee’s apps.

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