Twitter Account-New research shows that Twitter’s audience is hugely influential. Twitter users are in the know, more likely to hear the news first, and are the people their friends turn to when making purchasing decisions. It means advertising on Twitter is a more effective way of reaching the right people for brands.

People Are More Important In Influencing Purchasing Decisions.

People are more important than traditional media when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions. This idea means there is a massive opportunity for brands on Twitter. Why? Because our audience isn’t just influential, it’s different from everyone else, and you’ll find it in one place.

These are some results of a research project done by Tapestry1 for Twitter. We wanted to find out how Twitter users influence their friends’ purchases and some of Twitter users’ characteristics.

So Why Are Twitter Account Users Influential?Twitter Account Users

It gets to the heart of what Twitter is as a platform and what makes it unique. Simply put, Twitter is about what’s going on. It is where the news breaks, and folks who use Twitter tend to be in the loop. They are often the first to know around things. And when they do, they share what they discover. What they share often goes beyond Twitter because what happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter. It finds its way into newspapers, websites, television and radio because Twitter is at the centre of conversations worldwide.

How Influential Are Twitter Account Users?

To understand how influential Twitter users are, we spoke to their friends. We wanted to know how effective they were among their online and offline peers. We found that people turn to Twitter users first when they want to discover something new.

Three out of four said Twitter users are the first people they turn to when they want to learn more about a topic.

Additionally, more than half of defendants said it was the first time a Twitter user introduced them to a new brand or product. We also found that individuals on Twitter are not only influential but are also seen as trustworthy, knowledgeable, generous, and intelligent.

These qualities contribute to other findings in the study, such as One in two respondents said that Twitter users helped them learn more about different aspects of a product.

What Does This Mean For Brands?

Because Twitter users are influential, they are more likely than others to influence the opinions of others. It also applies when it comes to purchasing new products or services. It happens in particular during the entire purchase process. We’ve found that Twitter users are more confident about making a purchase, which could be why others ask them for advice.

Twitter Account Users Influence The Choices And Opinions Of OthersTwitter Account Users

The study initiated that nine out of ten people said they changed their mind about a purchase because they received advice from someone they know on Twitter.

It makes a lot of sense since we mentioned at the beginning of this article: people influence our purchasing decisions more than traditional media.

For brands, the bottom line is: that Twitter advertising is a more effective way to reach the right people. Why? Because your brand message is uniquely amplified on Twitter, your brand comes to the most influential consumer group.

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