When Self-Criticism Gnaws: We show you three Simple Steps to Stop Self-Doubt. Are you one of those people who do not trust themselves and constantly talk themselves down? We will show you how to silence your inner critic in just three steps and have more energy to focus on https://slot-wolf-gold.com/.

Self-doubt can prevent us from achieving our goals – and, even worse, the doubts that constantly gnaw at you put a huge strain on your psyche in the long run.

Those who frequently tell themselves they can’t do something are also less likely to take on new challenges as a result.

Self-doubt comes on all of a sudden. Those who suffer from self-doubt more often often feel paralyzed by it. But getting out of the self-doubt spiral requires motivation and a boost of energy – not so easy when the mental merry-go-round is spinning.


We tell you three tricks with which you can declare war on self-doubt:

1. Recognize self-criticism

The first and most important point to get out of self-criticism is to recognize in the first place that you are doing yourself badly right now. Observing and questioning your own thoughts takes practice and mindfulness, but it can be learned.

Notice the self-doubt creeping in? Then take a moment to breathe and do the following two things:

Stop your current preoccupation for a moment and take a deep breath.

Ask yourself: Am I being self-critical right now? Is my inner critic coming out?

Sometimes it can be helpful to ask yourself how a stranger would evaluate the situation. This way you can escape your own narrow view and get a neutral picture.

2. Get to know your inner critic

Especially in the beginning, it is important to honestly confront your self-doubt. Nevertheless, try to observe your critical voice and recognize patterns. Maybe it appears whenever you are under time pressure. That way, you can take specific action against it.

In psychology, there is a technique of personifying the inner critic voice. It can help to give the voice of self-doubt a name and to be able to address it directly.

If you have recognized that you are currently in self-doubt, then ask yourself:

What is my critical voice trying to tell me? What is my critical voice asking of me?

What emotion is hidden behind the critical voice?

3. Get out of the negative thinking spiral

Self-critical thoughts can quickly increase and then become a real negative spiral. If you want to break out of the spiral, you should be lenient with yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions to get out of the negative spiral:

What would I recommend to a friend if they were in the same situation? Can I say these words to myself?

In what way would I speak to the friend? Can I use this tone with myself as well?

How would I help the friend? Can I also help myself in this way?

Don’t despair if getting rid of self-criticism doesn’t work right away. It takes a lot of practice to master these methods – and you don’t need to get rid of self-criticism completely.

Be lenient and understanding with yourself and give yourself enough time to try out the methods and slowly internalize them.

Now it is up to you to listen carefully and find out why and where this self-criticism comes from. Talk to your friends and family about this. They might even have the same issues and together you can help one another. Keep in mind you are not alone and it is perfectly normal to get help. 


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