SELF-ESTEEM: Self-care is important. Here you can read about 3 phrases you should say to yourself more often. On a bad day, as motivation or just as a reminder: these 3 phrases you should say to yourself much more often after enjoying prematch.


There are moments in life when you struggle. With yourself, the path you have chosen or certain circumstances that make up our lives. In addition, with all the stress of everyday life, we often forget about ourselves. To keep self-care and self-worth high, breaks are essential. But also certain phrases that you should say to yourself more often will remind you what really matters.


These are 3 phrases you should say to yourself more often:

“I love you”

SELF-ESTEEM – In a time full of self-optimization, it’s good to know your limits. You don’t have to be the slimmest, the best or the most successful – just because that’s what we all get modeled by media and close friends. Be happy with what you have and what you can do. And if you are already working on yourself, remember that even small steps are successes. Rome was not built in a day. Only when you are at peace with yourself can you be fully happy.

“I am enough”

Whether you are single or in a partnership: You can be unhappy in both constellations. One is unhappy about being alone. The other about getting too little space or affection. If things get worse for you, remember that you are perfect enough. And if it gets to be too much for you, you can always escape.

“I am not alone”

For days you’ve been struggling and fighting with yourself – but you haven’t talked about it yet. Put away the fear or pride and open up to your loved ones. Problems will feel easier that way and maybe a tip or two will come from your family and friends that will bring the solution.


People who are emotionally accessible often bring out the best in others, strengthening our mental health as well. If you have such friends that is amazing and you can see yourself as lucky. But never forget it also works the other way round. So your environment can influence a lot not only your mood when you meet them. 


Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to meet people who make us shine. People who recharge all our batteries and with whom even bad times get a little easier. They make us feel seen and heard and in the best case we can give them back the same feeling. They are people who are good for our mental health. However, as we all know, the opposite is also true: some people around us make our lives difficult, cause relationships to falter, and cause excessive anxiety. 

SELF-ESTEEM – However, people, relationships, and life are sometimes so complex that in time we choose people who are not good for our mental health. However, when a positive person enters our lives, chances are good that it will also be good for our own psyche (though of course we shouldn’t use relationships as a mental health panacea). People who are emotionally healthy bring out the best in us, thus strengthening our mental health as well.

And you should note that even if a person doesn’t show bad signs, it doesn’t automatically mean they are not good for you. You just have to find the right ones for you and your goals. There is no need to surround you with a lot of people, just one right person can make the difference.  


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