If you are eager to know about the number 3013752488, you are on the right page. Here, we will discuss whether this number is legit or a scam. What happens if we use or save this number on our phones? In the present world, where scams are prevalent, you should know complete details about this number before going ahead and making any decision about this number. If the 3013752488 number reflects on your caller ID, I am sure you will wonder whether to click and accept or reject and inform the local police. So, to know more about this number, go through the article entirely, and I am sure it will be easy for you to decide.

3013752488 – What is this Number?3013752488 – What is this Number

Let’s break the number and see what it is. It appears as 301-375-2488.

  • 301 is the area code of Washington
  • 375 is an exchange code from Verizon
  • 2488 is the UIN, Unique Identification Number

This number might be a personal, business or government phone number. However, we can say that person or organization using this number is based nearby to Washington, D.C. Also, we can say they could be a Verizon customer.

Some also have a conception that it might be a fake number and that it’s a known scam. If you doubt any corner of your mind that it might be a scam, then we suggest not to click or save the number as there is a chance that your identity or your money might get stolen.

3013752488 – What Work Does it do?

There are several possibilities, so you might wonder what exactly this number does. Here, we have listed some of the options that are coming to my mind:

  • It can be a Toll-free number where you can call any individual or business without any charge
  • If it is a toll-free number, then you can save a lot of money on your monthly bill
  • You can use it for local or long-distance calls
  • Use 3013752488 to call anyone in the world.
  • You have the option to save your secure personal identity
  • In an emergency, you can use this number to contact anyone
  • It might also be a customer service number

Another side of the coin is that it might be a scam or a fake number. So the following risks might occur

  • Your identity gets stolen
  • If you receive a call, do not receive the call, inform local police for your safety
  • Do not click on any links if you receive an email from this number
  • Your phone might get affected by Malware


After going through the article above, you might still be confused about whether to accept it or not if you receive a call from 3013752488. It is always safe and suggestible to check and ensure its legitimacy before you click on it. If you receive a call from this number or any other unknown number, contact your local security personnel or police, who can research this and let you know if it is legit or a scam. It will be the first point of contact if any fraud has been done before to anyone. So they will be immediately able to guide you on whether you can use it or not. Check if it’s a local or international number through the area code. If it’s fake, we suggest blocking the number and staying safe.

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