Marriage apps and marriage sites are platforms where people create their profiles and browse other people’s profiles for marriage purposes.

Many people use marriage apps to find the ideal partner for life. So the most famous marriage apps use advanced technologies like AI to find the best matches for your life partner based on your profile, locality and interests.

Marriage Apps In India

Below, we have listed India’s top 10 marriage apps to find your best life partner in 2024.

1. Bharat Wedding

Bharat Matrimony is the most used Android app in India. Because  the app proposes an excellent matchmaking experience. The app was launch in 2000, and 80% of Indian people conduct their marriage search using only this app. And the function is very similar to that of the rest of the applications, except for some filters.

With the benefit of this app, you can hunt for a suitable game and save some of them for later watching.  Because the app uses GPS to find folks near the candidate’s home.

The app has a section called “Elite Marriage”. Specially designed for the affluent or wealthy class to find their partner online. Another portal, Assisted Marriage and offers personalized dating services.

They have unique apps for community-based weddings. But needs a paid subscription which offers more facilities and features.

This app is available for free for Android, Windows and iOS devices. In this application, it is also possible to live chat with the help of registered members.

This app was the first app released for matchmaking purposes in 1996. And it claims to match about every 2 seconds and also has a track record of 5 million success stories.

Searches by caste, religion, education. Height, astrology, and also photos can be done quickly. So various combinations can be made at the time of research.

You have the option of a paid membership that allows some facilities and chats to talk to people if you find it interesting. And the application allows free download for iOS and Android.

3. Jeevan Sathi

Jeevan sathi is a reliable wedding service app. The app was developed around 2002 and is present on all major mobile platforms. And they have a vast database of genuine profiles. Photos are easy to upload. And even contact phone numbers are provided.

The app lists the different recommendations and sends the “match alerts” to the phone via email and SMS. But privacy settings control the sharing of information.

4. Joint Marriage

Marital union is the first of the last to be added. Because the application allows you to register and create your profile easily.

Then you can use the search filter to find your life partner as you need. Because the app is easy to use and permits you to do most of the belongings you can do on the app .

You can search; Use the dissimilar filters to refine the results, and shortlist a profile if you find someone interesting. And it also shows who’s viewed your profile, so you know who’s taking on the internet. It is one of the best wedding apps in India.

5. Free Marriage Chat

Free Chat Matrimony is an app that allows members to chat, text or chat even with the groom or bride-to-be.

With the help of appropriate matches, base on the different options of community, religion and location, one can find. If something suitable is found, you can contact, chat and express your interest.

It is an able app for all mobile. Free notifications can  will receiv for smartphones and desktop computers.

6. Life Partner

This app is easy to use. It provides a secure matchmaking platform for applicants who are single, widowed, divorced or even separat.

You can search by religion, community or country. Registration is free of charge.

Premium memberships make it easy to contact some straight couples and start the marriage process.

7. Divorced Marriage

Divorcee Matrimony is an app primarily designed for those who want to remarry by allowing them to find the perfect life partner. With the extensive functions of our app, finding your partner is straightforward. It has a wide range of shapes from different religions or castes.

This app is part of the Matrimony community by Matrimony Group. Thousands of individuals from different Indian communities have found their perfect life partner through the Divorcee Matrimony app.

8. Marry M4

This app is again a newspaper group company, The Malayala Manorama, focusing more on the Keralite community.

This app makes finding a life partner easy and convenient, thanks to the latest built-in features.

M4marry has a consistent track record of effective matches and is the preferred marriage destination in south Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

9. Vivaah

Vivaah is one of the best marriage apps that helps to offer free matchmaking services. The app provides a catalogue of thousands of partners with their photos and profiles.

The app even permits you to send short and much more personalized text messages along with the presentation.

The application offers the Inteli Match feature that combines profiles based on preferences. The search is based on profession, language and religion. They are all known for their precise and direct matches.

10. Muslim Marriage

This app provides a reliable way for Muslim brides and grooms looking for a blessed life partner. This app understands user preferences and balances the traditional and modern aspects of dating, making it the best among other Muslim marriage apps. This Muslim marriage app offers profiles from all sects and groups.

Thousands of Muslim brides from all over the world have registered in this app. It lists possible Muslim matches for you from different parts of India and worldwide without forgetting the denomination and division you want.

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