A flair for quirky designs and a keen sense of humour are not enough to qualify you as a professional draftsman. Besides, with the dwindling number of dailies and weeklies in the information age, there is more competition than ever for a recurring spot in a newspaper’s print edition. GoComics com makes a full-time living, and in most cases, “big money”. So, It is a relative term in cartoonist circles. And also, It usually hinges on securing syndication or, taking digital-age business plans, using the Internet to self-publish your comic and generate income from the goods.

GoComics com IntroductionGoComics com Introduction

GoComics com is the home to many of the popular comics and cartoons in the world. Further, It is the largest catalogue of newspaper strips, web comics and political cartoons, offering free and new content daily. So, Slapstick and sarcastic humour are all you need to enjoy a good comic day. GoComics is the site where you can find all this. Therefore, you can sign up for a free subscription though it offers both free and paid subscriptions. It’s the best place to unwind and read comics online without any complexities.

They have lesser-known and more popular comics like Garfield, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, and Dilbert.

About GoComics com

GoComics com is a website launched in 2005 by digital entertainment provider Uclick. It was created as a comics distribution portal for mobile phones, but in 2006 the site was redesigned and expanded to include online comics and cartoons.

GoComics com is an online comics site created for comics and cartoons worldwide and the web’s largest catalogue of syndicated newspaper comics and webcomics. It’s designed for classic online bands like Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert and Non-Sequitur, get blur, Luann, pearl before hogs, nine-way chickweed and more!

GoComics com content is updated daily, providing users with the latest work from critically acclaimed comic book creators, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists, and emerging talent. Platform users can sign up for free to read great comics online or through their mobile app daily.

Further, GoComics.com is part of Andrews McMeel Universal, a creative media company based in Kansas City, Missouri and home to all-time classic comics like Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury, Peanuts, The Far Side and contemporary favourites Sarah’s Scribbles. , BreakingRead More

Headquarters: 1130 Walnut St, Kansas City, Missouri, 64106, USA

Phone number: (800) 255-6734

Website: www.gocomics.com

Revenue: $12 million

More About GoComics com

GoComics is the ultimate destination for discovering, enjoying and engaging with relatable and fun comics.

Besides, with hundreds of daily updates, readers have unlimited access to an unparalleled catalogue of iconic comics, contemporary web comics, and everything.

So, read comics every day at GoComics.com.

Premium Membership is still available for $19.99/year!

In addition, there are two membership options (Free and Premium), both of which offer email subscriptions and personalized online access to the GoComics library.

You can get your newspaper strip online on two main websites: Go Comics and Comics Kingdom. Both are updated daily and allow readers to read thousands of comics from various comic series.

Why GoComics comWhy GoComics com

Modern life is good enough at telling us how to look, what to think, and how to feel, but it’s bad enough at listening. It’s an unbalanced conversation when he forces us to have feelings but doesn’t respond to being yelled at for being a big, stupid bully who needs a new hobby. Monolithic concepts can be silly like that.

That’s where the comics from Rubyetc creator Ruby Elliot come in. Besides, collected in the new tome, Everything’s Fine, Elliot’s cartoons capture the feeling of facing overwhelming expectations imposed on us by external and internal forces. In addition, Stress, depression, and anxiety are normal responses at the age of a million obligations (and a million distractions). Elliot’s comics say so. And they’re funny about it.

We are not doctors, so we cannot legally tell you that laughter is the best medicine. However, faced with fashion missteps, social stumbles, and unflinching melancholy, it can’t hurt.

Therefore, It’s not all right, but it’s all right. May GoComics com keep you in an amazing piece today and always.

How to Create Comic Strips for GoComics com

Develop your comic to full length before you start submitting it to syndicates. Syndicates require strips to be mature and fully fleshed out, with a focused concept at their core and a full cast of main characters. Since most syndicates require a few pages describing your strip and its characters when you submit it, preparing this material before creating samples can help focus the artistic process.

Create sample strips for four to six weeks, including at least two colour Sunday strips. Although each syndicate’s submission guidelines vary based on the number of strips and the format in which you must submit them, most strips are drawn twice as large as they appear on paper and are created using black ink without media art tones.

Send sample tapes and other materials as needed to unions. So, If a syndicate agrees, the company buys the rights to your comics, resells them to newspapers and magazines, and gives you a cut of the profits.

Consider self-distribution, in which you independently submit your comics to comic book or newspaper publishers. So, write your submission package to reflect syndicate submission requirements, providing at least four weeks’ worth of sample tapes and synopsis material for editors to review your work.

And also, consider self-publishing your comic as a webcomic. While this option doesn’t immediately create a revenue stream, it does allow you to build an audience, which can be used to attract more syndicates and feature publishers in the future. Additionally, webcomics open up the possibility of merchandising.

Develop band-related merchandising. According to PBS, the income of most full-time webcomic artists comes from some form of merchandise, from T-shirts and stickers to bound collections of past comics, and traditional comic artists may also capitalize on this source of income.


While reviewing new features on GoComics com from Universal Press/Uclick, I noticed that in the A-Z feature list, when you hover over the feature name, a small popup shows a brief description of the feature and how many people subscribe. Given that they offer this kind of information, the next logical question is who are the top comics (based on the number of subscribers) on gocomics.com. So, Leveraging my wget/grep/sort-fu skills, I quickly pulled out the best comics from the 182 offerings. Among the top 20 features:

Subscribers Comic Strip Title Syndicated by
62,422 Calvin and Hobbes Universal Press
47,308 Non Sequitur Universal Press
45,659 Garfield Universal Press
44,453 For Better or For Worse Universal Press
41,599 Bloom County Washington Post
39,357 FoxTrot Universal Press
36,237 B.C. Creators
36,103 Shoe King Features
34,693 Pickles Washington Post
34,027 Wizard of Id Creators
33,083 Stone Soup Universal Press
33,038 Adam@Home Universal Press
32,210 FoxTrot Classics Universal Press
31,702 Doonesbury Universal Press
31,655 Lio Universal Press
30,236 We the Robots Webcomic
30,222 Ziggy Universal Press
29,556 Heathcliff Creators
28,903 Opus Washington Post
28,714 Broom Hilda Tribune Media Syndicate
  • A feature is a webcomic
  • A feature takes two of the 20 places
  • Women design two.
  • Two were features released less than three years ago. The others are over ten years old.
  • Five of the articles are no longer in the newspapers.
  • Five feature films would be considered “legacy tapes” where the original artist/creator/writer retired/died
  • Five are the mega newspaper strips seen in more than 1000 newspapers

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