Como-funciona-un-hosting-web refers to How Webhosting works. Web hosting has a direct impact on the performance of your website. Therefore, choosing an exemplary web hosting service is an important decision. is the hosting, server or web hosting service to which a domain is associated.

However, with so many hosting providers offering different hosting plans, choosing the right web host can be difficult. So,  making the right decision is much easier when you know what to look for in a web host. – How to Choose?

When choosing a web hosting provider, you should:

  • Define your hosting needs
  • Consider getting dedicated hosting
  • Read reviews of each hosting provider
  • Get hosting with all essential security features
  • Look for hosts that guarantee high uptime
  • Consider backup options
  • Check software compatibility
  • Try customer support
  • Beware of unlimited offers
  • Most important, read the terms and conditions of the contract

What is Webhosting?

Hosting is a website hosting service. Instead of hosting people, web hosting hosts your website and email content so they can be viewed anytime from any internet-connected device.

When you want to consult a file on your computer, this content is stored somewhere; it can be on your computer’s hard drive or a USB key, for example.

The same thing happens with the content of websites; it has to be stored somewhere, and to be visited through the Internet, it will have to be held on a web server.

A server is much more powerful computing equipment than a conventional computer. It is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, so the content it stores can be consulted at any time. The server is the physical equipment, the hardware, and different types of web hosting: shared hosting, VPS, cloud, WordPress hosting, elastic hosting, etc.

At Webempresa, we have a technical infrastructure of hundreds of servers in a Data Center (specialized facilities to maintain the servers in optimal conditions). When you use a hosting service, you rent space to host your website on our servers.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Once you have a web hosting to house your page files, your visitors can access them through your domain.

Domains tell the browser what content you want it to show you. By typing in the address bar, you indicate that you wish to view content from our website.

The browser will get content from the host’s website to show it to you, but how does it know which web host to get it from? It is where DNS (also known as name servers) comes in.

The various computers connected to the Internet do not locate each other by name but use numerical codes called IP to communicate.

However, imagine if you had to remember an IP number for every website you want to visit, that would be impossible! For this reason, the domain name system was created to facilitate this task so that we can use names (easier to remember) instead of IP addresses to browse the Internet.

Each domain can be translated into an IP, which will be the server where your content and email accounts are hosted. The DNS is responsible for making this translation possible.

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What Types of Webhosting are there?

There are different types of web hosting depending on their characteristics.

The main types of hosting are shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the widely used type of web hosting. In this modality, the hosting accounts of different users are hosted on the same physical server, in which they share resources such as RAM and CPU. Within shared hosting, there are other types of services, depending on your configuration.

The most common shared hosting on the market is an essential service in which different clients share server resources so that the behavior of one user’s account can affect others.

At Webempresa, we offer another type of shared hosting with account isolation. We use CloudLinux and CageFS to isolate each hosting account, ensuring the service’s stability, performance and security. This way, we provide that any problem in one user’s report does not affect other charges hosted on that server.

All our hosting services share this characteristic, but we have specialized lines for different projects: Optimized WordPress Hosting to create websites with WordPress, WooCommerce Hosting for online stores, and Web Hosting for other types of websites built with HTML and PHP.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual private server. In this hosting, users share the same physical server, but unlike shared hosting, they do not share resources.

The physical server is divided into watertight compartments thanks to virtualization; each of these would be an SPV with its own assigned and guaranteed resources. Unlike shared hosting, VPS guarantees the space and transfer consumption and the RAM and CPU allocated to the service.

Elastic Accommodation

Elastic hosting is a hosting that combines the advantages of shared hosting with those of a VPS. We will share a physical server with other users, but we will have guaranteed resources as in the VPS.

At Webempresa, we offer this hosting as an alternative to VPS. Elastic hosting allows us to create an environment as easy to manage as shared hosting and with a similar price; without giving up the availability of guaranteed resources.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud or cloud hosting is a type of web hosting offered from an infrastructure of several servers that work together. The service is distributed on different computers connected to the same network, forming this cloud or cloud.

It is a hosting usually used by companies with varying needs, with frequent variations due to high traffic peaks at different times. The cloud offers high availability of resources and guarantees uptime in the face of these variations in demand through this configuration in the form of a cluster with load balancers.

Dedicated server

It is a type of web hosting in which complete physical equipment is offered for each client. The server is not shared with any other user, so all resources are available and guaranteed to a single client.

Conclusion: – Get the perfect domain name; Your domain name is crucial to your website’s identity. It is the first building block for building your brand online. With over 200 unique and affordable domain name extensions to choose from, registering the right name for your website is easy.


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