Instagram Verified  -For brands and social creators on Instagram, verification is the best form of validation. You ensure that “Blue Mark” confirms your authenticity and gives you more control over your online presence by providing that your profile is the sole representative of your brand.

Now, verifying Instagram is not easy, and it is not something everyone can do. But if you want to earn that recognition, this article will guide you through successfully applying for and receiving the coveted Instagram verification badge.

What Does Instagram Verified Mean?Does Instagram Verified

About Instagram, being verified means that the platform has endorsed your profile as “the authentic presence of the socialite, celebrity, or global brand you represent.”

So if you come diagonally to an Instagram account with a blue tick in their bio, it means you are looking at the official version of that brand or personality and not a fake, unofficial or fan account.

Instagram verification badges help brands and creators stand out, appear credible, and avoid impersonating themselves. At the same period, they help Instagram users find the correct profile when searching for their favourite brand or personality.

However, to qualify for Instagram verification, you must meet specific criteria.

What Are The Rations To Apply For A Verified Badge On Instagram?

Anyone can put on for verification on Instagram but must meet specific criteria to be eligible for the blue mark.

While the exact process and requirements for getting a verification badge on Instagram are unclear, the platform offers some guidelines to help you figure out if you’re eligible.

First, follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Aside from that, your account must also:

  • Authentic: Your account must belong to a natural person, company, brand, or entity.
  • Public: Private Instagram accounts cannot be verified.
  • Complete: Your profile must have a bio and photo, and you must be active on the platform. We have a comprehensive guide to creating an Instagram business profile if you need to get started.
  • Please note: Your account must represent a publicly known and highly sought-after person or company that has been featured in multiple actual news sources. Paid or sponsored media do not count.

Please note that you need no exact number of followers to qualify for a verification badge. Whether you have more than 100,000 followers or less than 10,000 followers, you can still put on if you meet the criteria listed above.

Also, note that if the Facebook page associated with your Instagram account is already verified, you still need to request a verification badge on Instagram.

How To Request Verification On InstagramVerification On Instagram

Sign in to your version and go to Settings in the top-right menu.

From Settings, click Account and select Require Verification.

Fill out the essential fields and click Submit to start the verification process.

As Instagram points out, just because it’s eligible for review doesn’t necessarily mean your account is flagged as such. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed time frame for you to be notified if you have been verified or not. However, if you’re declined, you’ll have to wait 30 days before trying to request a review again.

Tips To Get Verified On Instagram

When you’re ready to apply for verification on Instagram, we have a few tips you can tool to increase your chances of getting the blue badge.

If that doesn’t work, or you decide not to go through the verification process, you can still be successful on Instagram in general by following these best practices.

1. Complete Your Instagram Profile

One way Instagram verifies your identity is by viewing your profile.

Make sure your bio is 100% complete by adding a well-written bio and a profile picture representing your company, brand, or yourself. For example, you can add your professional logo to your profile picture and your brand tagline and website to your bio.

Ensuring that your profile is complete and authentic can also help build credibility with your audience, which is an excessive way to get more followers, engagement, and media attention.

2. Create Your Social Profiles

Building a solid following on other platforms can help make your Instagram account look extra authentic.

For example, there are close links between Twitter and press releases. Use this to your advantage! When your name seems in the news or media, use that presence to create and follow your social profiles.

How Do You Get More Supporters On Instagram And Other Platforms?

Try these tips:

  • Build your personality with a reliable voice and theme – Many brands try a shotgun approach to engaging with their audience. However, it’s much easier to create a strong connection with people when you show your unique voice online.
  • Post frequently and regularly – The more active you are on a social network, the more likely you are to convince people to involve with your account.
  • Develop Quality Content – ​​As you post great photos on Instagram to grow your audience, you should also develop insightful content for your other channels to what your followers want after you and meet their needs.

3. Beware Of Copycat Profiles

While claiming that your identity is in jeopardy might sound a bit like crying wolf, this advice comes straight from Instagram:

“Accounts of well-known personalities and brands are verified because there is a high probability that they are fake.”

People want to know they’re following the real deal. Your verified badge identifies you as the only one you are. This builds trust with your followers by letting them know they’re not following a random copycat.

Letting Instagram know you’re at risk of being impersonated may lead them to take action.

4. Stay Active On Your Account

It may seem obvious, but Instagram will likely never verify you unless you actively use it. If you are not employing the platform, there is no benefit in starting the verification process. When directions come to see if Instagram is worth trying, they’ll be on the lookout for regular activity.

It also happens the other way around. What is the verification opinion if you are not active on Instagram? To improve your chances of getting the blue Instagram verification badge:

  • Fuel up on great photos: Instagram is all about aesthetics. Influencers gain followers because they see how to engage their viewers. What do your followers like to see and take pictures on your page?
  • Leverage Insights – Go to your Instagram Business Page and use your insights to plan content that will resonate with the people in your feed. Use third-party tools like Sprout Social to study more about your communal followers and optimize your campaigns. Make sure you post when your followers are most energetic.
  • Interact with your audience: Don’t forget to spend time replying to comments, liking posts, and exploring relevant hashtags. Engagement is essential on any social platform.

Sprout’s Instagram app Audience Engagement Report provides detailed information on trends, hashtag usage, likes, and other engagement metrics. It is essential for any brand trying to enable cross-account or cross-brand analytics.

5. Increase Your Earned Media

Would you like Instagram to give you that seal of approval? Show them you’re worth it.

Google yourself to see what’s going on. Fix that as if you don’t have a widely known brand. There’s nothing to check.

Remember that it is not an algorithm that decides who should get a blue button on their Instagram account. Real people manually review each query and are likely to turn to search engines

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