Editing Apps In 2024 – When you have one of the best camera phones, you also want one of the best photo editing apps to go with it.

The best smartphones these days take amazing photos, but while they’re amazing. You can still get more out of them if you use dedicated software as well. Sure, all phones have built-in apps for cropping and enhancing your shots, but that’s just a tiny fraction of what you might want to do.

For example, some of the options below can process RAW files, remove unwanted elements from the background of an image, or change its appearance with brilliant AI-based filters. You’ll also find options like white balance, levels, exposure, and more. And of course, there are also fun features like stickers and the ability to share images on social media quickly.

We’ve extensively tested each app on this list to ensure each carries the Tom’s Guide seal of approval. So please read on for our picks of the best photo editing apps.

What Are The Best Photo Editing Apps?The Best Photo Editing Apps

After checking out over a dozen popular apps, our pick out for the excellent photo editing apps is PicsArt. It has a infinite set of tools and functions like AI image consequences, stickers, textual content overlays and backgrounds to beautify your images.

Also, PicsArt gives tutorials and a each day photograph editing undertaking to enhance your competencies. As nicely as a library of images that you can edit your self. Also, the app has a social aspect that allows you to chat with other customers and percentage your pix with them.

If you’re looking for something greater complete, Snapseed gives features like non-unfavourable modifying, curves, RAW photo editing, white balance exposure, and a double exposure filter.

You can also create layer effects that you can save and apply to multiple photos. However, it’s aimed at people with some photo editing knowledge. So there’s a steeper learning curve than some other products here.

And while Google Photos’ editing tools are pretty paltry, they’re second to none when it comes to backing up not just your photos but all your videos and syncing them to any device you want, whether it’s a PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone.

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1. Picsart (Android, Ios)

PicsArt is one of the best editing apps In 2022 and our top pick for best photo editing apps because it’s fun, easy to use, and yet covers almost all the bases of mainstream mobile photography. It offers a lot of creative control. Excellent image editing tools, and a variety of attractive filters. The comprehensive camera module includes pre-capture effects and photographic instruments. Plus, you can quickly select or create fun stickers, combine your images into highly customizable collages, add artistic text, and share.

You can use Remix Chat to share and edit photos with PicsArt 150 million monthly users or just with your friends. In-app lessons are easy to follow. And challenges invite users to submit their creations based on a specific problem type or topic. Winners will be selected by community voting.

However, PicsArt premium ads often (and annoyingly) pop up in the middle of the editing process. To turn them off and get the video editor and more tools, filters, and content. You need to purchase a premium subscription for $11.99 for a single month or $55.99 for a year. (There is also a discount for students).

PicsArt offers rich and accessible collage and photo editing tools for mainstream photographers. And it provides plenty of creative control while keeping everything fun and vibrant.

Download PicsArt: Android, iOS

2. Snapseed (Android, Ios)

Snapseed editing apps In 2024 and it isn’t for casual users; it’s for serious photographers who want or need to spend time creating the best possible image on the go. As such, it has a full suite of top-notch editing tools, including selective edit brushes, as well as a nice collection of film-related filters (like lens blur, Electrolux, and double exposure).

For detail-oriented photographers, Snapseed can be both fun and addictive. We enjoyed wandering through various exposure, colour, masking, and reshaping tools, brushes, and filters while experimenting with different settings. Because the edits are non-destructive, you can access the stack (layers of amendments) at any time and adjust or discard any edits (including correcting spelling mistakes). Or you can use a Stack Brush to apply an effect to just a portion of your image. Additionally, you can save a batch of edits. You’ve applied to an image as a “Look”, which can then be used to other photos and shared with other users.

Snap seed’s great traditional tools and non-destructive editing make it one of the best photo editing apps for serious photographers who want to spend time touching up their photos. The app is free, and around is no premium version.

3. Adobe Photoshop Camera (Android, Ios) Is One Of The  Best Editing Apps In 2024

Adobe Photoshop Camera is one of the pinnacle image editing apps way to its AI that applies special effects and photograph fixes earlier than or after taking a picture along with your telephone digicam.

Photoshop Camera customs ” lenses ” filters to apply superior effects or adjust colour, lighting, and clarity. But what makes Camera unique is its use of Adobe Sensei, which automatically detects the type of photo (portrait or landscape) and creates masks for essential aspects like a face or the sky. For example, sky lenses can change the colour of the sky, add or remove clouds, and even add the appropriate reflections in a body of water without affecting other parts of the image. Also, some lenses have “sprites”: intelligent objects that can be pinched, zoomed, and moved around an area of ​​the idea that Sensei identifies. It allows positioning and scaling objects placed in the lens (e.g. planets or clouds). And some lenses have little animations, like shooting stars or a rocket taking off.

The iPad version of Adobe Photoshop has some clever desktop features, like the Refined Edge Brush, which lets you fine-tune an object you want to select and rotate the canvas. Both functions are also touch-enabled.

Adobe promises to add new lenses regularly (all for free), some from famous artists and influencers. Since each lens has variations (accessible by swiping left or right). You can have hours of photo adventures. PS Camera is an excellent app that takes photos at the touch of a button, although you can adjust the effects. As such, it will appeal to fun-loving photographers rather than professionals or serious amateurs. The app is free, and there is no premium version.

4. Pixlr (Android, Ios) Is One Of The  Best Editing Apps In 2024

Pixlr is one of the top photo editing apps in android for casual photographers who want to tweak something. Add some cool effects, and then share it to all social networks on their phones. The intuitive interface is calm to learn, so you can start having fun with your photos right away.

Pixlr has a good selection of easy-to-use photo adjustment tools without overwhelming you with options. It includes brushes for applying selective edits (e.g. darken or undo). The libraries of special effects filters, overlays. And frames are fun and generally attractive. Cartoon stickers are varied and fun. Quickly create collages using pre-made layouts or designed templates that let you mix and match your photos, zoom and pan them in placeholders.

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