Snapchat is a fun way to express yourself. But after a few hundred snaps, it can get boring. Luckily, you can make your Snapchats more interesting by using filters, lenses, and stickers.

The differences between the three, which is  often  interchangeably. Here’s how to add more Snapchat filters, lens systems, and stickers to add a little sparkle to your snaps.

How To Use Snapchat Lenses

Lenses, filters and stickers are all dissimilar: while the latter two  applies after a snap is taken, lenses  adds beforehand.

In Snapchat, go to the main camera interface and then tap the screen. Options displays on either side of the trigger at the bottom of the screen. These usually overlap on one side. On the left are the games you can play on Snapchat, while most of the service’s lenses are on the right. Browse through them and have fun.

How To Find New Snapchat Lenses

If you look through the lens, you will see a black bar at the bottom of your screen. By default, it’s Browse, but you can see even more lenses created by users worldwide by tapping Browse.

You can search for destinations from there if you know what you’re looking It could be a popular franchise like The Simpsons or Friends or something more general like Cartoons. You can find it in this section if you’ve seen others use a specific lens.

Or you can browse all available filters using the slider below the search bar. These choices include Trending, Face (showing the best selfie lenses), and World.

After attaching a lens, you can add even more fun with filters.

How To Use Snapchat Filters

. You probably already see how to add Snapchat filters, but otherwise, it’s straightforward.

Go to the main interface, grab a plugin and swipe back and forth to add filters.

You probably want to start adding a colour change to your real snap, so swipe left. Keep scrolling until you find a colour you like.

If you want to add more filters to the base filter, click the icon in the bottom right that looks like a row of stacked boxes. It will lock that layer.

You can then swipe right to add more exciting things like animations, dates and times. You can tap the stacked cases icon again to lock that layer and add more. You can do this three times, so choose carefully. If you touch the tile icon again, you can undo the filters you’ve already added.

How To Get More Filters On Snapchat?

You will find that these filters change pretty frequently. Even the most general filters and lenses can go away, like the option to puke a rainbow that’s become oddly modern.

However, there are some ruses you can use to download more filters on Snapchat.

How To Use Geofilters

Geofilters are only available in specific locations, so you’ll need to allow Snapchat to access your site. To do this, iOS users need to go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services” > “Snapchat” and select “While using the app”. If you’re using Android, go to Settings > Location > Activate.

Once you allow this feature, Geofilters will appear alongside your regular filters.

Don’t expect loads to be available at once, if at all, unless you’re at a significant landmark. That means you won’t unlock any just by walking around your own house (unless you live in Times Square). These add a place name and picture to your snap, probably to make your friends jealous.

It’s a great way to motivate people to get out there, explore the World and show off a little.They can be viewed as an empty spotlight or a clever way to appeal to a younger audience.

Create Your GeofiltersCreate Your Geofilters

You can create your filters, which is excellent if you want to highlight your own business or have a big event.

However, this option costs money.

Let’s say it’s someone’s 18th birthday and you threw a big party. A custom filter can be created and shared to allow all guests to join the party. They last at least 30 minutes and can cover 5,000 and 5,000,000 square feet.

Creating a particular filter can also be an exciting experience if you are an artist. Everything has to be accepted by Snapchat first. Of course, unless you take them or save them to My Memories, snapshots and videos are gone.

Share Snapcodes For Snapchat

You can see your snapcode in your profile. You also probably added friends by scanning their codes. But it’s also an inordinate way to add more filters.

Hold your camera and tap the screen until it registers to scan a code. Click Snapcodes > Scan from Camera and select the image. You can also take a screenshot and then return to your profile settings by going to your profile (where your Bitmoji or story will appear) and then the cogwheel in the top right corner.

Once you do that, Snapchat will give you an option to Unblock for 24 Hours or Send to Friends. (Some filters are only available for one hour, while others give you 48 hours.)

You can create a decent catalogue of codes for yourself. Encourage the generosity of others by sending some to your friends too.

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