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What is a Digital Platform?What is a Digital Platform?

Digital Platform Write For Us: Firstly, a digital platform is an established device based on today’s cloud technology that facilitates the evolution of software or programs. However, it is not a product in itself. So, the services, applications and solutions of the platform are the products with which you will interact and pay as a customer.

And also, Digital Platform transformation involves the application of new technologies. Besides, moving all of your operations to the cloud won’t magically empower your organization with some digital assistant powers. Therefore, while moving to the cloud or adopting other new technologies may be an excellent idea for your organization, you won’t reap the benefits of digital transformation without implementing real change within your organization.

And also, In terms of a business enterprise, a digital platform is a place to exchange information, goods or services between producers and consumers, as well as the community that interacts with said platform. Further, It is imperative to understand that the community is an essential part of the digital platform. So, without this community, the digital platform has very little intrinsic value.

Further, we constantly interact with digital platforms thanks to the success of the digital platform approach. And also, Digital platforms take many different forms depending on the business model they employ and the specific purposes they seek to serve.

Examples of Successful Digital Platforms:

  • Firstly, Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Secondly, Knowledge platforms like Stack Overflow, Quora and Yahoo! answers
  • Media sharing platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Vimeo
  • And also, Service-oriented platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and GrubHub

As you can see, digital platforms are by no means a new approach and are not used narrowly in terms of particular use cases. Besides, Digital platforms bring value to everyone within the platform ecosystem while generating profit for the organization that created and maintains them through various business models, such as:

  1. Advertising
  2. subscriptions
  3. pay as you go
  4. And also, any combination of these and other methods to make money is in the Digital Platform.

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