Company-You’re a college graduate, you’ve got your degree in hand (or in the mail) and you’ve got a few job openings on the table. Aside from being one of the lucky graduates of a struggling economy, you have a choice to make. On the one hand, a well-paid entry-level position with a well-known brand in your field. On the other hand, a job offer from a small startup that has just started. You’ve seen their product, believe in their mission, and like their approach, but aren’t sure if you want to take the risk of working at a startup. They tend to have that job in the company and a good salary with good benefits. The smart choice.

Where is that?

You Learn From Real Innovators.

People who start their own businesses have a different mental and professional structure than those who never set out to create something of their own. Entrepreneurs define themselves by looking at a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way to solve it. Because of this innovative nature, entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They approach problems differently, constantly find solutions and are determined to make the most of their time and work. The Wanderfly co-founders constantly challenge me when I bring up a problem because they often see it from a different perspective than I do, which gives me a broader understanding of the different ways there are to find solutions. Innovation is more than creativity. It’s action and reaction, solving problems in new and insightful ways. Every successful startup has real innovators, and finding the right ones will teach you a lot.

Your Work Will Be Recognized In Your Company(And Your Mistakes).

If I’ve learned anything from watching TV shows and movies, it’s that when you work in a big company, your boss or someone else is likely to ignore your hard work. But in a startup, it’s almost impossible not to notice a job well done or give credit where it’s due. If you succeed, the small team will recognize you immediately, and the praise and glory will be yours. Stretch out your arms in glory my friend, your work has been recognized. The other side of the coin is that it’s also very easy to spot when you’re wrong. This is a good thing for two details. The first is that it is almost impossible to detach. In a few days their sluggishness and carelessness will be noticed and the rest of the team will wonder why they are working harder than necessary. This will keep you focused and focused on your game. The second reason is that since mistakes are easier to spot, be careful to remove mistakes so you don’t disappoint your peers. Stay focused, startup people, and your successes  recognize and your mistakes minimize. And when the rest of the team says, “We couldn’t have done this without you,” rest assured they mean business.

You Will Work In A Great Company Environment.

Let me count the ways:

I wear jeans to work. In summer I wear shorts and sandals.

If there isn’t at least one really good joke in an hour, it’s probably a slow day.

Everyone who works in a startup has the same drive and enthusiasm for creation as you do.

The startup community (and in the case of Wanderfly, the Traveler community) is a large and close-knit group. All around you, people are coming up with innovative solutions to old problems or developing a new tool that will simplify or improve your life in some way. This entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, and if you don’t feel it or don’t get it, then you actively avoid it.

You can drink beer at work. But only on special occasions. To wink.

You Will Learn To Be Frugal In A Company

Working early in a Company probably means money is tight. Whether it’s been showered with love by investors or the founder has a very wealthy uncle, the company will always find ways to do more with less. No frills, no frills, no superfluous booze cruises (heartbreaking, I know). Instead, the business development intern learns how to design and code the blog, the writer occasionally does the dishes, and initially finds a way to seat nine people at a table of eight (hint: extra chair). This frugality and financial responsibility will no doubt seep into your own life as well, and you will eventually find new ways to succeed than spending the money you make. Instead, you’ll likely discover the joy of creating and making rather than consuming. You will be happy to be part of a team trying to make other people’s lives easier, more fun and more manageable. Your whole life will take on a sense of creation, and you will be more energetic, both physically and mentally, to indulge in new hobbies and start your own personal projects. The startup world is about creating more and consuming less (this doesn’t apply to Thai food or burritos).

Review Choose A Startup Over Working In A Company [2024].

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