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E-Wallet Write For UsE-Wallet Write For Us

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What is an E-Wallet?

E-Wallet means electronic wallet. It is an electronic card for transactions made online through a computer or smartphone. The utility of the E-Wallet is the same as that of a credit or debit card. An electronic wallet must be linked to the individual’s bank account to make payments. The primary purpose of the e-Wallet is to facilitate paperless money transactions.

How does E-Wallet Work?

The electronic wallet consists mainly of two components, software and information. The software component stores personal information and provides data security and encryption. In contrast, the information component is a database of user-provided details, including name, shipping address, payment method, amount to pay, credit or debit card details, etc.

How to Use the E-Wallet?

For the Consumer

  • Download the app on your device.
  • Register by entering the relevant information. The user will receive a password.
  • Load money using a debit/credit card or Netbanking.
  • After an online purchase, the electronic wallet automatically fills in the user’s information in the payment form.
  • Once the online payment has been made, the user is not required to complete the order form on another website because the information is stored in the database and is automatically updated.

For the Merchant

  • The merchant downloads the app to his device.
  • Register by entering the relevant information. The user will receive a password.
  • Declare yourself as a merchant.
  • Start accepting payments.

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