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Money Write For Us: Money is the medium in which currency prices and values get circulated anonymously from person to person and country, facilitating trade, and is the primary measure of prosperity.

What is Money?

The topic of money has fascinated people from the time of Aristotle to the present day. The piece of paper labelled 1 dollar, 10 euros, 100 yuan, or 1,000 yen is slightly different from the report from a part of the same size torn from a newspaper or magazine. Still, it will allow its bearer to order a certain amount of food, drink, clothing and the other goods of life, while the other is only good for lighting the fire.

  • Money is a medium of exchange that allows people to get what they need to live.
  • Barter was a means by which people exchanged goods for other goods before money came into existence.
  • Like gold and other precious metals, silver has value because it is valuable to most people.
  • Fiat currency is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity but by the stability of the issuing government.
  • Above all, money is a unit of account, a socially accepted standard unit by which things get valuable.

Managing Your Money in Times of Uncertainty – 7 Tips

The latest pandemic and the increasing cost of living have left many people with new financial uncertainties.

  1. Track your expenses to improve your finances.
  2. Create a realistic monthly budget.
  3. Grow your savings, even if it takes time.
  4. Pay your bills on time each month.
  5. Reduce recurring costs.
  6. Save money for large purchases.
  7. Start an investment strategy.

Why is Money So Important?

Money allow us to meet our basic needs to buy food and housing and to pay for medical care. Meeting these basic needs is essential, and if we don’t have enough money to do so, our well-being and the community’s well-being suffer greatly.

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