Beginner’s Guide To Stock Trading In India

Stock Trading .Picture this: One man’s business is knee-deep in debt to banks and creditors. But when you open your business to the commoner, other people invest in the industry and become co-owners. These owners invest money together and strive to make the business profitable and debt-free.

How come so many people own a business? If a man founded the company, what is the role of these people? Why would anyone prefer to take people’s money and hold it instead of borrowing it from banks? And what value does this option have for the commoner as an investment? What should you consider earlier investing in a company? These are approximate questions whose answers will help you understand stock trading in India.

Stocks Trading India – Limited Company

Once the venture capital funding ends and the company reaches a specific size, its next goal could be to become the largest company in India. It is when the company goes free to raise funds. People can buy part of business land for as little as 10 rupees. So if the company has invested Rs 5 crore and you have invested Rs 10 in it, you own the proportional interest in the company: (2nd-7)%.

Every time the company makes a profit, every owner is entitled to a dividend.

Stock Trading India – Capital Stocks

Certificates issued to the public investing in a company are called shares. These are given when the company is listed on the stock exchange, and people start trading their shares on the stock exchange. A company’s public listing means that its shares are available on a sale. NSE and BSE are the two largest stock markets.

Stocks Trading in India – Primary and Secondary Market

The stock market is divide into two types of needs. The primary market is where a newly listed company’s shares are purchase directly from the company through the stock exchange.

The other, much more significant and sometimes more profitable market in the secondary market, where stocks bought in the primary market can be traded more. For example, All shares in a company have been sold, and you want to change these shares. You can bid for the new owners’ shares by offering a higher amount: Rs 20 for the Rs 10 share. Any new owner of the claims can accept the offer and exit the investment.

Tips For  Trading In India

What to do to trade stocks in India:

  • Always deal with SEBI/exchanges registered market intermediaries.
  • Make sure the customer registration documents or forms are complete.
  • Provide unambiguous instructions to your custodian broker/agent/participant.
  • Always insist on your broker’s contract notes. If you have any qualms about the transactions, check their authenticity on the Base website.
  • Always pay instalments through normal banking channels with market intermediaries.

Before placing an order with market intermediaries, check the companies’ credentials, their management, rationale, recent announcements made by them, and other disclosures made under various regulations. Sources of information are stock and company websites, databases from data providers, business magazines, etc.

Adopt Trading/Investment Strategies

Adopt trading/investment strategies that match your risk tolerance as all investments involve some degree of risk, which will vary depending on the investment strategy chosen.

  • Carefully read and understand the content provided in the Risk Awareness Document.
  • Beware stocks that show a sudden spike in price or trading activity, especially low-priced stocks.
  • There is no guaranteed return on the stock market.
  • Reliably send important documents (preferably by registered mail) to ensure delivery.
  • Make sure you own stocks before selling.
  • Track your messages, both those you’ve sent and those you haven’t received yet.
  • Mention whether you want to trade in physical mode or Demat mode.

Submit your request for arbitration against the dealer to the appropriate Regional Investor Service Center and confirm geographic jurisdiction. For this purpose, use your address addressed to your business partner according to the regular procedure. Details of the geographic coverage of each Regional Investor Service Center are also available in the Supplement. The time spent for the IGRC offices to process the Complaint will not be consider when measuring the “statute of limitations” on filing the Request for Arbitration, provid that the Complaint and Request for Arbitration are/are file with the appropriate Regional Investor Services Center.

Submit your Complaint against an ESB-listed company to the relevant Regional Investor Service Center and confirm geographic jurisdiction. Use your address to determine geographic jurisdiction. In this way, the Complaint can be processed quickly.

Bans On Stock Trading In India:

  • Do not trade with unregistered brokers/sub-brokers or other unregistered intermediaries
  • Do not execute any document with a broker without fully understanding their terms and conditions
  • The exchange handles investor complaints through arbitration and the IGRC mechanism, which are quasi-judicial. And the time spent for IGRC to resolve the claim will not count in measuring the “statute of limitations” upon submission of the request for arbitration, so provide that the claim is submit to the appropriate Regional Investor Service Center.
  • Don’t trade on rumours or “tips” or believe in guaranteed returns
  • Don’t be fool by companies that show government agency permits/registrations, because the permits maybe for other purposes and not for the titles you are purchasing.
  • Do not blindly follow media reports about company developments.
  • Do not imitate the investment decisions of others
  • Don’t give up on getting all transaction documents, even from people you know and
  • Don’t be fool by money-back guarantees on postdat checks.
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