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Which New York and Company Stores are Open: New York & Company now has more than 60 locations in the United States. It is a retail store that sells designer clothing for juniors, women and big girls. This company offers fashionable clothes in sizes 0 to 26 for juniors, women and big girls.New York Time and Company

Has New York and Company closed all the Stores?

No, they did not! New York and Company is open today and operates more than 550 locations, including malls and outlets. You can find them in various malls across the US, or check out their website for more details!

What do you know of New York and Company?

These retail stores are known worldwide. They are in more than 60 locations across the United States. New York and Company’s flagship stores are located at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY, and King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia.

New York and Company is a private company established in 1918 and headquartered in New York. So, they will continue to exist and enjoy good sales and popularity.

These retail stores sell fashionable women’s clothing in sizes 0-26, Petites, Juniors and more for work or play! These trendy styles are perfect for attracting others’ attention while shopping at this retail store. They will not go unnoticed in fabulous outfits from New York and Company!

Their clothes are familiar for their quality, variety of styles and fashion. You visit any of their stores or shop online at Here you’ll find clothes for every occasion, including casual outfits or formal business styles.

Will New York and the Company Stay Open Online?Will New York and the Company Stay Open Online

Which New York and Company Stores are Open: They have agreed with Sunrise Brands to allow important e-commerce businesses to continue operating and serving their loyal customers.

The Roots of New York and Company

  • The story began in 1918 when the Lerner brothers opened a small store. And also, they started their business with only $300 of borrowed money and the motto “never sell what you wouldn’t buy yourself”.
  • The company overgrew in the 1960s when William C Brown joined the company as president. Its first outlet was located on Lexington Avenue, New York. After that they opened another store on 57th Street & 6th Ave also in New York.
  • In 1985, Limited Brands purchased New York & Co for $186 million. This purchase gave Limited Brands the means to expand its business into women’s clothing, transforming it from a clothing business to a retail business.
  • The early 2000s were very successful for Limited Brands, which acquired several companies, including Victoria’s Secret, Pink (Victoria’s Secret), Henri Bendel, Structure 9, Lane Bryant, Cacique Intimates, and Bath & Body Works.
  • During this decade, Lerner Stores became an international brand, opening stores outside the United States, including Mexico and Canada. These retailers are well known worldwide for selling women’s clothing in sizes 0-26! So if you’re looking for trendy clothes but don’t have much time to shop, there’s one place to go: New York and Company.

New Look from New York & CompanyNew Look from New York & Company

Upgrade your wardrobe with beautiful women’s clothing from New York & Company. From dazzling dresses, pants, tops, skirts, jackets and jeans to gorgeous accessories like jewellery, bags, shoes and more, NY&C has everything you need to create a uniquely yours look. And uniquely beautiful. Buy women’s clothing online today, including:-

Dresses for women – Finding wardrobe options that work for everything is critical. New York & Company dresses are super stylish and versatile, so you can look and feel fabulous no matter where the day or night comes.

Women’s T-shirts – Whether you’re looking for sleek and sexy blouses, cosy sweaters, or classic, fitted shirts perfect for the workday, our collection of women’s blouses has something for every occasion.

Women’s pants – Shop all the must-have pant styles designed to flatter your figure. New York & Company has the women’s pants for every occasion, from wide leg pants and fun cropped styles to traditional khakis and leggings.

Jeans for women – Discover our selection of jeans for women, designed to flatter all figures. Besides, jeans are available in various styles, from skinny jeans with curvy cuts to high waisted jeans and ripped jeans for a modern, fashion-forward look.

Homewear for women – This isn’t your go-to loungewear, from bright colours to luxurious fabrics and unexpected design details. Our casual and sportswear options provide comfort and an unusual style, whether you’re at the gym or in a yoga class, playing your favorite sport, running errands, or just lounging around the house.

Stylish home accessories – Stay cosy in style with the Chic Home collection of cosy throws. It also has blankets and other fashionable home accessories for women, all available in various on-trend styles.

New York & Company is committed to giving everyone the perfect fit , with styles available in sizes 00-20, XXS-XXL, including petite women’s clothing and plus-size women’s clothing designed specifically for women over 5’8″.

Create a sleek and stylish outfit that’s uniquely yours and complement it with beautiful accessories to complete your look, including jewellery, shoes and bags, all available online at New York & Company today. Buy for boys?

Important Update on COVID-19 – Which New York and Company Stores are Open

In response to COVID-19, New York and Company store hours may vary. Or, the location may be currently closed due to quarantine limitations. Check your local New York and Company website for details on delivery options.

New York and Company have changed its shopping hours to give employees more time to clean and restock products on shelves. On top of that, many NYC and social sites have recently established separate shopping hours for random class members.


Liquidation sales are underway at all New York & Company stores. According to a news release, they expect to last eight to 10 weeks depending on location. All sales are final, and gift cards are used for in-store purchases through August 11. And also, “can be used” for online purchases.

Besides, New York and Company is a great place to shop for everyday clothing and outfits for special occasions! If you have a budget of $50-100, this retailer is sure to become one of your favourite stores.

If in doubt about their prices or delivery times, do not hesitate to ask these questions to their team! They are understanding, so be sure to contact them via social media if you need help with anything.

RTW filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 13 in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey. Further, they said in a press release that it had “initiated a process of closing and liquidating stores”.

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