WIXFA Price Action Mastery DescriptionWIXFA Price Action Mastery Description

WIXFA has seven years of experience trading multiple financial instruments ranging from spot currencies and metals to major stock markets worldwide. Our courses ensure that people of all experience levels have the smoothest and most comprehensive learning experience possible! Special training gives developing a professional mindset, i.e. how to reduce fear and greed.

About this course WIXFA

  • WIXFA offers online forex courses for students with a structure similar to a university. It includes weekly lectures, videos and interactive sessions, weekly missions, a plethora of forex resources, weekly trade monitoring, regular feedback sessions, and unlimited support from the entire staff and directly from our very own CEO, Waqar Ibrahim. For a change in life, this is something not to be missed.
  • WIXFA is an elite professional forex training academy that provides the ultimate foundation for students to learn, excel and succeed in the forex industry. Our goal is to provide students with a unique set of forex trading skills that will enable them to achieve their personal goals and ultimately give them the freedom to pursue happiness.
  • He believes that education and knowledge should always be accessible to everyone. WIXFA is constantly uploading paid courses and books almost daily. That’s why it offers all these resources for free.
  • If you think, like us, that this is a fair and reasonable proposal, then support our project with donations. It’s the only way to survive: it only takes a minute.
  • Whether it’s financial freedom or the freedom to spend time with family and friends, WIXFA aims to serve people from all walks of life and stories with the collective goal of achieving happiness, success and richness.

Price Action Dominance (PAD) of WIXFA

Waqar Ibrahim Trading Desk offers the following courses:

  1. An Institutional Understanding of the Values ​​Movement
  2. Five lectures, each lecture recorded movies and teaching times. Intensive homework before faculty students can move on to the next course.
  3. The course is between fundamental analysis (value movement) and secondary analysis (fibs, harmonics, chart patterns)
  4. Price Action Mastery Mentoring
  5. Institutional Scalping Mentoring
  6. Advanced Technical Analysis Course (Launching Soon)
  7. Professional Trader Course – 15 Weeks of Mentoring (Launching Soon)
  8. How can one approach the market as an informed supplier? Explicit teaching on strategies to develop an educated mindset, i.e. methods to reduce fear and greed.
  9. School students expect to take courses 1 and 2, followed by two weeks of supervised teaching demonstration using fundamental analysis.


The goal is not just to offer these courses but to provide thoroughly vetted tutoring. And also, It includes recorded content, intense assignments, and individual and small group live sessions with supervised demo training to ensure every WIFXA student graduates as a successful and profitable trader.

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