Companies In Hyderabad -Hyderabad startups are the city’s pride (and you thought Biryani is the only thing the city of Nizam is known for, right?). No, new companies are springing up in Hyderabad every day. Even the not-so-new ones bring their A-game, along with many other things like unique products and brilliant advertising, smaller teams and employee satisfaction, inspiring people to work in the world of startups in Hyderabad.

Today, the city is also known for its beautiful pearls. And we indeed found some in the list of startups in Hyderabad. Continue reading

Best Startups in Hyderabad

The top 6 Hyderabad startups are listed below:

  • Learn social networks
  • Popcorn
  • capture
  • power leather
  • Darwin box
  • flat pebble

by Neeman

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Learn Social Networks

This platform is for everyone who likes to learn new things or is always looking for a new hobby. In a straightforward but effective way, this new company from Hyderabad offers online courses for everyone. Whether you’re a curious cat who loves to explore new areas, or just someone looking to improve your skills, you’ll find the courses you want on LearnSocial. Take classes and webinars from the comfort of your room for minimal fees.

Popcorn Is One Of The New Companies In Hyderabad

Listen, you like to eat Popcorn, we want to eat Popcorn, everyone likes to eat Popcorn. But the founders of Popcorn make love and feed it to us. They sell Popcorn in ten different cities across the country, not one, not two, but six different flavours. Yes, you heard us right. What’s even better, everything is season by hand. The startup, which started in a garage in Hyderabad, sells more than 100 tons of Popcorn every month. Few people would have given a startup that makes Popcorn a chance. But these guys certainly got her eating her words (and probably a glass or two of her Popcorn, too).

Capture  Is One Of The New Companies In Hyderabad

This one is for online shoppers who keep coming back to the same dress but still hesitate to click the buy now button, hoping for that lucky day when the price goes down. For them, this Hyderabad startup is the friend that has connections all over the city and offers them the best discounts. It takes care of everything: finding special offers, discount codes, and deals, while shopaholics can add the latest pair of sneakers to their cart. It’s essentially retail therapy, now without the guilt of overspending.

Power Leather

Every skin is different, as are the care products applied to it. Picking up a random facial cleanser or cream from the grocery store can do more harm than good to your skin. This Hyderabad-based startup offers personalized skincare kits starting at Rs 999. If you think that’s too much, remember they’ve spent over 10,000 hours researching the best ingredients for your skin. The expertise of Indian, Taiwanese and Japanese dermatologists flows into each of their products, making them a shining name in the list of Hyderabad startups and New Companies In Hyderabad

Darwin Box

Ok, let’s bust a myth. Your company’s HR department does more than making rangoli on Diwali and replies by email, “We’ll get back to you.” You need to keep track of all employee data in a company: their names, details, attendance, time off, special requests, etc. That sounds like a massive headache to us. But with innovative software like Darwin Box, even giants like Google can take a breather. A modern platform for all HR-related tasks is the lifeline of every company. That is why they are one of the most popular startups in Hyderabad today.

Flat Pebble

Anyone married or planning a friend/family member’s wedding knows how complicated the process is. Add the stress of finding a good wedding photographer—what if the only photos of you were your food-covered face? What if you and your best man didn’t have a picture of your big day? After all, those wedding photos are the memories you will one day show your grandchildren.

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