Lifestyle Accessory Design Course:

Lifestyle Accessory Design Course is a professional discipline that encourages aspirants to utilize their artistic capabilities to ideate, conceptualize, visualize and style gorgeous yet functional wearable and non-wearable accessories to not only compliment the apparels but also augment the personality of its owner.

Accessories comprises of personal accessories like neck wear, bags, scarves, jewellery, footwear, hair accessories etc. besides home décor or comfort products. A successful accessory designer must inculcate knowledge of different materials, metals, stones etc. besides an understanding of traditional as well as modern production techniques, fashion trends, customer preferences& market dynamics. This will help in anticipating the designs that will attract demand in the future and thus will ensure revenue.

Benefits of Studying Lifestyle accessory design course:


The students on completion of Lifestyle Accessory Design course are equipped with proficiencies that ensure your usefulness in varied domains such as Luxury Product design, Jewellery Design, lighting Design, home accessories, and interior design.

Artistic, Sketching& Designing skills:

The course mentors’ student in ways to approach, perceive and appreciate varied types of accessories. They gain skills to understand the design brief, ways to work through it systematically, research on it, experiment with varied colours and patterns. This inspires them to design & fabricate innovative artistic concepts that complements the overall look of the apparels.

 Passionate & Competitive spirit:

The college imparts knowledge about varied research methodologies and on ways to keep abreast with the latest market & fashion trends. His comprehension of consumer wants, their preferences & dislikes, economic condition and cultural factors will help him in creating products that are financially viable and in sync with market realities.    His passion to stay at the top will further encourage him to learn the modern as well as traditional techniques& processes, besides varied types of available materials. This expertise will help him to position himself distinctly vis-à-vis his peers.

 Eye for Detail & analytical mind:

The knowledge gained at the college will equip him with analytical mind as well as keen observation skills, which thereby will help him style viable concepts which are attractive, functional as well as profitable.   

Time Management:

He is mentored in time management and organisational skills which facilitate in him managing pressure, multi-task and putting in requisite hours in accordance with the deadlines. 

Decision making Skills:

The course mentors him such that he is capable of making rational decisions basis proper research, weighing in all pros and cons besides evaluating alternatives. The course helps them to think on their feet and look at ways to address the problem rather than themselves becoming a problem. The problem solving approach coupled with positive attitude will help build leadership credentials. 

Communication & Networking Skills:

Lifestyle Accessory Design course equips student with expertise in communication, listening to clients, understanding their brief, ways to communicate & selling your concepts to client as well as various stakeholders. He must be able to write as well as make presentations & highlight the important points etc. The networking skills will assist them in collaborating with different departments to gain insights about their working methods and negotiate to your advantage etc. 

Raw materials:

The course will impart knowledge about varied kinds of available materials like metals, plastics, sustainable etc. He will understand the financial viability as well as durability of the final product.


The college will help students gain perspective about the industry through internships, handling of live projects as well as classes with industry leaders.

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