Instagram Features-Keeping up with the development of social networks is a challenge. Especially nowadays, when there are updates almost weekly. Your social media promotion strategy needs to change frequently with these updates.

We are here to help you. Instagram has almost a billion users. Like most other current social channels, Instagram is feature-packed and constantly changing to keep up with the progress of the social space.

We’ll first take a speed tour of the platform’s latest additions, then dive into the details of Instagram’s more established features that are essential for marketers.

What’s New On InstagramNew On Instagram

Instagram has had many unconfined updates over the past two years as it endures to grow. Let’s take a look at the significant changes for businesses and marketers.

Like Removal Test:

Since late 2019, Instagram has been testing public counter-removal of likes on posts in various markets, including the US. However, the platform still tracks preferences and remains an important metric for marketers.

Story Stickers Are Getting Bigger:

Live stickers for stories with features like polls or countdowns are becoming more and more shared by Instagram users. The platform keeps growing and adding new ones, including the recently added quiz tag, which can be great for highly interactive stories. You don’t confuse this feature with a multiple-choice poll, as it displays both “correct” and “incorrect” answers when they’re typed.

Shopping With AR Features:

Some brands can currently test a new Instagram shopping feature that uses the augmented reality filters that users are familiar with from Instagram posts and stories and other platforms like Snapchat to “test and buy products.”.

Messaging Gets Threads:

Threads is a new standalone app that connects to your Instagram messages from the Close Friends list you can make on Instagram. While it’s a more personal messaging service aimed at smaller groups of friends, further development of this app will help gain insights into when Instagram users want to receive widespread marketing messages and engage in activities they wish to, more private and smaller. – great conversations.

Instagram Features for Marketers

Since its inception, Instagram has added many features that marketers benefit from, including paid ads and organic posting. Let’s take an aspect at the top Instagram features for marketers.

Video Capabilities

You’re probably aware that Instagram video posts look just like regular photo posts, except they allow videos up to 60 seconds long. You can add a filter, title, and tag your location before sharing the post.

Video Posts Make More User Engagement Than Photos

That’s huge for brands looking to take advantage of Instagram’s new algorithm, which tracks user interaction with their posts to determine whether or not their content should be shown (more on this below).

  • Live video on Instagram
  • Live videos are different from Instagram videos because they are life. That’s how it works:
  • Subscribers get a push notification letting them know you’re life
  • Subscribers can comment or like your live video feed in real-time
  • The video will disappear after you finish it.

It is another way for marketers to increase brand transparency and authenticity, essential with the latest Instagram algorithm update. This Instagram guide will display how to post a live video.


Instagram TV is an Instagram app that allows users to share videos for an hour long like a TV episode.

It is great news for content creators interested in video content – one of the fastest-growing trends in content marketing, with over 80% of businesses using video marketing.

IGTV gives marketers the skill to share longer video content to notify their users when they share a new video.

Characteristics Of The Stories

One of the most significant add-ons to Instagram is the Stories feature in recent times. Stories are similar to Snapchat in that users add video clips to a level that they can watch for 24 hours before it vanishes.

  • You can view story content several times as you like within those 24 hours.
  • Stories appear as little rounds at the top of your followers’ feeds.
  • Purchasable tags in stories

Shoppable tags allow companies to tag their products in their photos. For example, if you featured a model wearing your brand’s running shoes, you would brand the shoes so users could click directly to the product page and buy them.

Now companies can also tag products in stories. It is an excessive way to showcase your creations live or in user-generated content (like the @mentions we just discussed). Visualize the authenticity of sharing one of your customers’ stories in your own story with a tag on your product.

Review Instagram Features List Of Them For Marketers [2024].

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