Instagram never ceases to surprise us. As the world tries to stay resilient during these tough economic times, it’s exciting to see Instagram quickly roll out new features to address critical business issues and help users support their favorite brands.

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And now, more than ever, charging up with what’s happening on Instagram can be a challenge. There are new Instagram structures almost every week.

To help you stay recent with the latest Instagram updates and adapt your business to them, we’ve collected a list of the latest updates you might not know about and how to use them.

Keep in mind that Instagram continually adds and removes features (now faster than ever). And I’m sure you need to keep your trading account trending.

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The Best Instagram Updates In 2024Best Instagram Updates

Instagram is rolling out a new and improved tag feature to give credit to creators.

Instagram has announced a new feature called Enhanced Tags that allows you to tag all contributors and collaborators in your post.

It means you can now give credit to all the people “behind the scenes”. You can tag makeup artists, photographers, and designers in your post, making it easy for them to be known as creators and find new opportunities.

How Do I Get Started With The Advanced Labels Feature?

  • Open the Instagram app and knock the (+) in the top right corner
  • Create a new message and press Next
  • Make your changes and click Next
  • After adding a caption, tap Tag People
  • Select Add a tag to hunt and select your collaborators
  • Tap View profile category to view the creator’s category.
  • Press Done
  • After adding additional tags and details (if applicable), tap Share.

That’s it. Labels with the Creator category on Instagram appear on the post. Tapping a tag brings up a bottom drawer with direct links to follow the tagged users.

Best Instagram Updates

Finally, Meta released the long-awaited 3D avatars, which have already reached users in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

3D avatars are a new graphic representation of user identities that are more dynamic than static social media profiles.

The idea behind avatars is to create them in the Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger apps. Still, you can take them through the metaverse with all your digital assets like clothing, collectibles, bags, and more.

First, follow the detailed guide to create your 3D avatar.

 Instagram Updates

The ability to broadcast live on Instagram has been around for quite some time. And with this new plugin, users can separate live from their posts or stories and plan it on their profile.

To make this feature more evident, profiles will receive a badge with live scheduling information. Additionally, your subscribers can notify you as soon as the life is available.


It’s important for creators and influencers, and it’s a new way to make more money on Instagram with more predictability.

Subscriptions are the best way to confirm that creators make money solely from their content, not from reach or other parameters.

This new feature is now progressing to select users and will hopefully roll out to other creators soon.

Subscriptions essentially allow for three different types of content that people can subscribe to:

  • Subscriber Live – Creators only broadcast live for their subscribers
  •  Stories: These will be marked with a purple ring to let subscribers know they are posted.
  • Badge: Subscribers receive a purple badge so creators can distinguish them in direct messages and comments.

In short, subscribers pay a monthly subscription to exclusive content published by their favorite creators, such as B. unique live videos or Instagram stories that are only available to subscribers.

Since the creators own the subscriber list, they should be able to export it to other platforms. Adam noted that they are working on allowing creators to take their followers to other media or apps so they are not reliant on Instagram.

Chronological Order Of Transmission

Instagram CEO Adma Mosseri kicked off the year with a big announcement, sharing information that they tested a chronological feed order. Introduced three new options: Home, Favorites, and Follow, to allow each Instagram user to choose how they would like to see the order of posts on their home screen (two of which would offer the option to view posts in chronological order):

  • Home: It will work as it is now, offering the same user experience that we all know: the messages’ order is based on the algorithm process. This Alhoritham classifies content found on the interest they think the user will spend the most time on;
  • Favorites – Displays posts from accounts users have marked as their favorite accounts.
  • Followed: This is a chronological list of the accounts that the user is following. – This is the old way of sorting posts on most social media apps.

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