What are Crytocurrencies?

Risks Of Trading Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually.  It uses cryptography to secure transactions. They don’t have a central regulating or issuing authority, instead uses a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units.

Risks of Crytocurrencies

Risks Of Trading Cryptocurrencies. The risks of trading cryptocurrencies are mostly related to their volatility. They are high risk and speculative, and you must understand the risks before starting trading.

They Are Volatile:

Unexpected changes in market sentimentality can cause sharp and sudden price movements. It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to quickly lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in value.


Cryptocurrencies are currently free by governments and central banks. However, they have recently started to attract more attention. For example, we ask ourselves whether we should classify them as a commodity or as a virtual currency

They Are Sensitive To Bugs And Hacking:

there is no perfect way to avoid technical problems, human error or hacking.

Affects Can Be By Hard Forks or Defaults:

Cryptocurrency trading comes with additional risks such as hard forks or defaults. It would benefit if you familiarized yourself with these dangers before trading these products. When a hard fork occurs, it can surround the event with significant price volatility, and we may hang trading if we do not have reliable prices in the underlying market.

We will endeavor to notify you of potential blockchain forks. Ultimately, however, it is your accountability to make sure you know when this might be the case.

Risks Associated With Cryptocurrency Spread Betting And CDFsRisks Associated With Cryptocurrency

At CMC Markets, you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum via a CFD account or spread betting. It means you face slightly different risks compared to buying these cryptocurrencies outright.

These Are High-Risk, Speculative Products:

Cryptocurrency volatility combined with margin trading could result in significant losses. With spread gambling and CFD trading, you only essential to deposit a percentage of the value of a transaction to open a position. Based on profits and losses are the total weight of the transaction.

Gap (or slippage) usually arises during periods of high market volatility. It can amplify losses if the market changes against you. You may be affected by deviations: the market’s volatility can cause prices to move from one level to another without crossing the intermediate level. As a result, your stop loss could execute at a lower level than requested.

Fees Can Be Higher Than Other Asset Classes – it would help if you considered all associated costs before trading. Payments may be higher when betting on spreads or trading cryptocurrency CFDs. Must weigh The likelihood of making a profit against the impact of these fees.

Price Fluctuations:

Regarding currencies, there can be significant price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies used to determine the value of spread bets and CFD positions.

Cryptocurrency trading may not be for everyone. You must confirm that you fully understand the risks involved before starting trading. Capitalize only if you are an experienced investor with in-depth knowledge of the financial markets. We encourage you to pursue independent professional advice if required before deciding to start spread betting or CFD trading.

Risks Of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Before you begin trading, you must ensure that you are completely aware of the hazards. If you are a seasoned investor with extensive understanding of the financial markets, profit. Perhaps cryptocurrency trading isn’t for you. Before beginning to trade CFDs or spread bet, we strongly advise you to get independent professional counsel if necessary.

FCA Regulates

The FCA regulates spread betting and CFDs. It means that companies offering cryptocurrency spread betting and CFDs must be licensed and regulated by the FCA. They can mention Individual complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), and eligible consumers access the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). However, this protection does not compensate you for business losses.

CMC Markets

​CMC Markets is an execution service benefactor only. The material is for informational determinations only and does not consider your circumstances or goals. Nothing checked in this document is (or should be construed as) financial, investment or other advice on which you should rely. None of the opinions contained in this material constitutes a recommendation by CMC Markets or the writer that any specific investment, security, transaction or investment strategy is appropriate for any particular person.

Difference between spread betting and CFD trading

Spread betting, a form of trading in financial derivatives, is famous as profits are exempt from capital gains tax and stamp duty. Spread betting and CFD trading are margin products and can offer similar financial benefits to investing in stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. Both products are popular with home marketers and full-time office workers alike.

How Does Bitcoin Spread Betting Work?

Bitcoins are not physically exist. Every balance is digital and kept up to date in an electronic public ledger. In the UK, spread betting using bitcoin is possible. In a spread bet on bitcoin, a trader chooses whether they believe the price of the cryptocurrency will rise or fall, and they win or lose depending on how accurate their forecast is. The trader’s potential profit or loss once the deal is closed increases with the size of the price fluctuation.

It is important to note that actual bitcoins are never directly bought or sold. Made The spread bet is through a derivative contract. If a person thinks that the price of Bitcoin will increase, it should open a long (buy) position on the margin bet. On the contrary, if a person speculates on the fall in bitcoin price, a short (sell) position on the margin bet.

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